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SURVEILLE project to launch a new Advisory Service

Is my research in surveillance technology ethical?

The University of Birmingham partners, under the leadership of Professor Tom Sorell and with the assistance of Dr John Guelke and Dr Katerina Hadjimatheou will be able to provide European researchers the opportunity to acquire objective, confidential and constructive advice on ethical issues arising from their research.  The service, which will be available from October this year, will offer prebooked telephone advice from a member of the ethics panel or advice using video teleconferencing.

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Investing into security research for the benefits of european citizens

Discover the 2011 security research catalogue of projects under the 7th Framework Programme for Research.
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'Ethical issues in FP7 security research - a practical approach', Brussels, Belgium

A conference entitled 'Ethical issues in FP7 security research - a practical approach' will be held on 29 September 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.
Ethical issues are an important part of security research. National and EU rules have a variety of requirements relating to ethics, as defined in specific...
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Brochure on the 78 on-going Security Research Projects following the first two calls for proposals

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2009-10-01 - 45 Security project leaflets now available on CORDIS
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Under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) 2007-2013, the European Commission has made EUR 1.4 billion specifically available for Security Research. Following a first call for proposals in 2007 - FP7-SEC-2007-1 and a coordinated call with the ICT theme - FP7-ICT-SEC-2007-1, a total of 45 projects are on-going. More Information


The objectives of the Security theme are:

  • to develop technologies and knowledge needed to ensure the security of citizens from threats such as terrorism and (organised) crime, natural disasters and industrial accidents while respecting fundamental human rights;
  • to ensure optimal and concerted use of available and evolving technologies to the benefit of civil European security;
  • to stimulate the cooperation of providers and users for civil security solutions; improving the competitiveness of the European security industry and delivering mission-oriented results to reduce security gaps.

Why is it important?

Security related research is an important building block for supporting European freedom, security and justice. It will also contribute to developing technologies and capabilities in support of other European Community policies in areas such as transport, civil protection, energy, environment and health.

What will be funded?

Emphasis will be given to the following activities:

  • Increasing the security of citizens - technology solutions for civil protection, bio-security, protection against crime and terrorism;
  • Increasing the security of infrastructures and utilities - examining and securing infrastructures in areas such as ICT, transport, energy and services in the financial and administrative domain;
  • Intelligent surveillance and border security - technologies, equipment, tools and methods for protecting Europe's border controls such as land and coastal borders;
  • Restoring security and safety in case of crisis - technologies and communication, coordination in support of civil, humanitarian and rescue tasks;
  • Improving security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability - information gathering for civil security, protection of confidentiality and traceability of transactions;
  • Security and society - socio-economic, political and cultural aspects of security, ethics and values, acceptance of security solutions, social environment and perceptions of security;
  • Security research coordination and structuring - coordination between European and international security research efforts in the areas of civil, security and defence research.

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