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Support to the coherent development of research policies

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This action aims to enhance the effectiveness and coherence of national and European Community research policies and their articulation with other policies, improving the impact of public research and its links with industry, and strengthening public support and its leverage effect on investment by private actors.

Why is it important?

Through this new chapter in the amended proposals, the European Commission aims to increase the effectiveness and coherence of national and Community research policies and improve the impact of public research and its links with industry.

What will be funded?

  • Monitoring and analysis of research-related public policies and strategies - to provide qualitative and quantitative information and analyses in support of the design, implementation, evaluation and trans-national coordination of public research-related policies and strategies.
    • Development of an information and intelligence service (ERAWATCH);
    • Industrial research investment monitoring activity;
    • Development and analysis of indicators on research activity and its impact on the economy.
  • Coordination of research policies - to strengthen, on a voluntary basis, the coordination of research policies. There is a need for further policy learning and for assessing good practices in support of research with regard to their transferability and methods of implementation. Through this action line, European platforms will be provided to share and validate good practices, bringing together the relevant stakeholders and encouraging peer reviews.
    • Support to the implementation of the ‘Open method of coordination’;
    • Support to bottom up policy coordination initiatives undertaken by several countries and regions (OMC-NET).


The European Commission will fund ‘Policy coherence’ activities by selecting project proposals submitted following the publication of a ‘Call for proposals’. Calls of the ‘Policy coherence’ Work Programme are published on this page. Read more…


The EU Member States have earmarked a total of € 70 million for funding this theme over the duration of FP7.

Last updated on: 2011-07-08