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With a view to building an effective and democratic European knowledge-based society, the aim is to stimulate the harmonious integration of scientific and technological endeavour and associated research policies into European society.

What will be funded?

The initiative undertaken in this field will provide support to:

  1. A more dynamic governance of the relationship between science and society
    • Research on ethics in science and technology;
    • The reciprocal influence of science and culture;
    • Conditions for an informed debate on ethics and science;
  2. Strengthening potential, broadening horizons
    • Strengthening the role of women in scientific research;
    • Supporting formal and informal science education in schools as well as through science centres and museums and other relevant means;
    • Reinforcing links between science education and science careers;
  3. Science and society communication
    • Encouraging a European dimension at science events targeting the public;
    • Science prizes;
  4. Trans-national cooperation among National Contact Points (NCPs) for ‘Science in society’.


The EU Member States have earmarked a total of € 330 million for funding this theme over the duration of FP7.

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