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The general objective of international cooperation activities carried out under the Framework Programme is to help open up the European Research Area to the world. These activities focus on the mutually beneficial efforts of the Community and its Member States on the one hand and INCO target countries and other third countries on the other.

It is thus important that the ownership of the knowledge and technology developed in partnership under this activity of the Framework Programme be equitably shared and actively used to promote and contribute to the creation of knowledge and expertise as a basis for improved regional co-operation strategies, the elaboration of concepts aimed at sustainable development, and enable societal innovation. Links to education, training, innovation institutions, local government and other appropriate institutions and processes are actively encouraged with a view to ensure the highest positive impact possible in developing and other partner countries. Social dimensions, such as gender roles, ethics and social equity must be adequately addressed as a matter of ensuring such impact.

The activities under INCO should lend support, in the scientific and technological fields, to the implementation of the Community's foreign policy and development aid policy and to strengthen, develop and consolidate our Partner countries' research systems as a means of reinforcing synergies with these external policies.

Research must contribute to the solution of specific problems faced by third countries through equitable partnerships and should contribute to link these to the global commitments, in particular the fight against poverty, the EU Water Initiative and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) and subsequent Plan of Implementation agreed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).

Information on projects funded in this area can be found on the Find a Project page, where you can browse projects using the 'Activity Areas' search option.
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