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Nuclear fission and radiation protection research is aiming to establish a sound scientific and technical basis for the safe long-term management of long-lived radioactive waste, to promote an even safer, more resource-efficient and competitive exploitation of nuclear energy and to ensure a robust and socially acceptable system of protection of man and the environment against the effects of ionising radiation. Research activities in FP7 include:

  • Management of radioactive waste - implementation-oriented R&D on all remaining key aspects of deep geological disposal of spent fuel and long-lived radioactive waste, and research on partitioning and transmutation and/or other concepts aimed at reducing the amount and/or hazard of the waste for disposal
  • Reactor systems - for their continued safe operation, taking into account new challenges such as life-time extension, and research to assess the potential, safety and waste-management aspects of future reactor systems
  • Radiation protection - in particular, research on the risks from low doses, medical uses and emergency management in order to provide the scientific basis for a robust, equitable and socially acceptable system of protection
  • Infrastructures - supporting the availability of and access to key infrastructures of pan-European interest in the above research activities
  • Human resources, mobility and training to support the retention and further development of scientific competence and human capacity.

Further information on each of these key areas of activity .

Funding schemes include:

  • collaborative projects
  • networks of excellence
  • coordination and support actions.

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