What can c&binet achieve?

Andrew | 24 Aug 2009, 14:01

C&binet comment: Siôn Simon, Minister for Creative Industries


What is the point of c&binet?

That is the one of the first questions I put to DCMS civil servants when I was appointed Minister for the Creative Industries in June.

There was a commitment in Creative Britain to develop a World Creative Business Conference as ‘a platform for leaders in the creative and financial sectors to develop a deeper engagement and dialogue’.

Which is great.  But what does it mean?

There is no point in bringing together the best creative people from around the world - in person and online - with just the hope that serendipitous discoveries emerge from the craic.

The c&binet Ambassadors are big players in the sector. The cast list for the forum in October is already looking impressive.

But we still need to be going into the conference prepared to extract from them real value in terms of their thinking on growth and investment in the creative sector globally, and greater reward for creative talent and entrepreneurship.

In the run up to the forum I want to use this space to help define what it is that you in the creative industries want to see happen as a result of the c&binet forum.

The copyright debate rages on. What actually is the best course of action for industry? For governments? For emerging web entrepreneurs?

What is needed to get cash flowing into creative businesses, to attract and sustain investment?

When advertising doesn’t work, what business models do?

What exactly do businesses need to do more of to harness skills and nurture talent - and what should we agree to do less?

What should governments do? If anything?

The point of c&binet is to make progress, to shape change. So let’s get on with it.