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Producing a Brochure

Before appointing a representative or establishing any channels of communication between yourself and the consumer it is important that you are confident that your product has a place in the country you wish to market in and that it can be promoted in an effective and attractive way.    

Looking at brochures of other companies active in the market and consumer publications will give you an indication of what is attractive to consumers.  Make sure the brochure relays the strengths of the product.  How will the brochure be distributed?  Is it intended for use by the trade or by the consumer, or both?    

Ensure that your brochure includes a map, showing the area in relation to the region or the whole country, since not all consumers will have a good knowledge of Britain and its regions.    

If you have a representative use it.  Do not think that by asking the consumer to book direct you will gain the money that would have to be paid in commission to your rep.  It is more likely that if a toll free or local number is not prominent you will lose the booking.    

If you are geared towards the individual traveller feature itineraries with full prices.  If the customer does not know what the end price will be without further investigation he/she may lose interest.  Try to feature prices in local currency where possible.  Make allowances in your costs for fluctuations in the exchange rate.  You are selling the product, so it is only fair that you take the risks not the customer.  With a flat rate, the consumer will still come, irrespective of an fluctuations in the exchange rate.    

Do not be too ambitions.  You will probably need to produce a full colour brochure to attract attention, but you will need to be prepared for a certain amount of wastage.  You are in a competitive marketplace, so to be a success you need to be visible.  An elaborate brochure will soon disappear and reprints will be costly.  A flyer is less expensive and can be distributed more widely, however, you can use it to generate and identify more serious enquirers and fulfil requests with a more detailed brochure or web-site.  In the US, for example, on average, 35 brochures are needed to generate a single booking - this compares with about 15 brochures in Europe.  

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