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The purpose of this site is to distribute information that, typically, is impossible to get from the person taking your claim for SSD and SSI benefits. In essence, applying for disability and SSI benefits might as well be a secret process since Social Security does not try to make this information clear or even understandable.

Statistically, seventy percent of all SSD (a.k.a. SSDI) and SSI claims, represented or otherwise, are denied at application. What does this mean for ssd and ssi applicants who are disabled and need help? That they should follow this advice tip: learn everything you can about the benefit approval system to better your chances of winning, with or without the help of a disability attorney or lawyer.

The information, tips and advice presented here can help you understand: 1) How to apply for benefits with the Social Security Administration, 2) How the SSDI and SSI system works, 3) What SSA doesn't tell you about the application and appeal process, 4) What you can do on your own as a disabled applicant to help your case, and 5) What you should never do that might potentially harm your case.

This is simply the information you should be able to get from a representative at the Social Security Administration, but almost never will.

If you suffer from a medical, psychological, or psychiatric impairment and have initiated or been denied on a social security disability, or ssi, claim for benefits, this site may assist you with your case.

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This site answers these SSDI and SSI program questions

  • When is a person considered disabled & eligible for benefits?

  • When should you apply to receive SSD or SSI benefits?

  • How to apply for benefits in the ssd and ssi programs

  • Tips on how to file for & get awarded ssd, ssi disability benefits

  • Tips on how to apply for disability and get a decision faster

  • The Disability Appeals Process for the disabled

  • Filing for Disability online

  • Filing an initial claim for disability benefits

  • What to do if denied for social security disability

  • Filing for disability - how to do it, how to win

  • How social security disability works

  • Winning ssi benefits based on disability

  • Who is eligible for ssi benefits?

  • How to Appeal a denial for SSI

  • Disability how to win

  • Filing for ssi - how to apply for ssi

  • Will my family be entitled to receive & get disability benefits?

  • What medical problems will allow me to get ssdi benefits?

  • What if Social Security wants me to go to one of their doctors?

  • What kinds of benefits does Social Security provide for the disabled?

  • What kinds of conditions qualify for social security disabillity?

  • What is the criteria for getting ssdi?

  • How much will it cost to hire a social security lawyer?

  • If i get disability, Will I be entitled to health insurance benefits?

  • What evidence is used to make a decision on a benefit case?

  • How long does it take to get a decision on a social security claim?

  • What do social security lawyers to prepare and win cases?

  • If my socail security disability claim is denied, what advice should I use?

  • How do I appeal my denial for ssd or ssi benefits?

  • Do I have to be completely incapacitated to get Disability?

  • How long will ssd or ssi benefits be paid to me?

  • Social Security Disability Eligibility

  • How to get awarded social security disability SSI

  • Applying for disability benefits - how and when

  • How to apply for disability benefits

  • Lawyer for disability claim - should you get one?

  • Winning an ssdi appeal

  • Getting approved for disability - how likely?

  • Information on SSI claims

  • What happens at a disability hearing?

  • How long does it take to get benefits if I am approved?

  • Appealing disability after a denial

  • How to avoid getting denied for disability

  • Tips for winning appeals on SSI claims

  • Can SSI lawyers improve the odds of winning benefits

  • Appealing if denied for disability

  • Do you have to be permanently disabled to get ssd or ssi?

  • How to apply for disability

  • What percentage of appeals win...or get denied?

  • How many reconsiderations win or get denied?

  • The difference between supplemental security income (ssi) and SSDI

  • Advice for what to do after being denied ssi

  • Disability denied - what to do?

  • When should you retain and hire a disability attorney

  • How many disability hearings get approved or get denied?

  • Should I submit copies of my records when I apply or appeal?

  • If my benefits are ceased after a review, what do I do?

  • How do you qualify medically for benefits?

  • What ssi & ssd benefit cases tend to win?

  • The criteria for social security disability or SSI

  • How will social security determine or decide if I am disabled?

  • When is the best time to get a disability lawyer?

  • How long will ssd or ssi benefits be paid to me?
  • Can I work and receive disability?

  • How hard is it to get social security disability?

  • Do you need a lawyer to get disability?

  • What to do after getting an SSI denial

  • How good are the approval chances for SSD or SSI benefits?

  • How long will disability benefits be paid?

  • How to start a disability claim

  • What kind of disability benefits can children get?

  • Questions about lawyers for social security and ssi disability

  • An overview of SSDI applications, denied cases, and disability appeals

  • Is it better to appeal or start over on an SSA or SSI case?

  • Will my be children be able to get ssi or ssdi benefits?

  • How much will social security disability pay?

  • How do you prove you are disabled?

  • Can a letter or statement from a doctor help win a disability case ?

  • Information on how to apply for disability and win benefits

  • Is filing a new ssd, ssi application equivalent to doing an appeal?

  • How do you prove eligibility for social security


If you suffer from a medical disability such as

hip, neck, shoulder, ankle, wrist, back, or other joint problems, disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, rsi or repetetive stress injury, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, hepatitis c, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, dysthymia, depression or other mood disorders, multiple sclerosis, congestive or chronic heart failure, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, anxiety, dizziness, high blood pressure (hypertension), adhd, seizure disorder, diabetic neuropathy, stroke, meniere's, asthma, anxiety, nerves, copd, joint pain, manic depression, emphysema, heart disease, hearing loss or poor hearing, statutory blindness, lyme disease, chest pain, peripheral field problems or other vision loss, low back pain, clinical obesity, attention deficit hyperactivity or, simply, adhd, bipolar disorder or manic depression, panic disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorder, autism, head trauma, memory loss, hip pain, rsd, fibromyalgia, low iq, mental retardation, heart problems, arthritis, learning disability, cirrhosis, epilepsy, cancer, chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel, mood disorder, multiple sclerosis, lupus, depression, anxiety, fatigue, stomach problems, multiple sclerosis,inner ear problems, depression, ms, osteoarthritis of the knee or hip, bipolar disorder, meniere's, vertigo or dizziness, congestive hearth failure, rsd, high blood pressure, kidney failure requiring dialysis or other renal problems, leg pain, cirrhosis, hepatitis c, chronic pain, dysthymia, hepatitis, or other liver disease, ocd, lung problems, angina, pancreatitis, sleep disorder, knee pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, panic attacks, asthma, bronchitis, heart attack, stroke, cystic fibrosis, ptsd, joint dysfunction, shortness of breath, severe allergies, ms, cfids, fms, rsd or reflex sympathetic dystrophy, angina, mental problems, fms, fibromyalgia, depression, crohn's disease, sarcoidosis, asthma, peripheral vascular disease, copd, lyme disease, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, hepatitis, hiv, back pain, trouble standing sitting or walking, mild depression, aids, anemia, sickle cell, neck pain, bipolar disorder, thyroid problems including hypothyroidism, esrd or end stage renal disease, reflux, gerd (gastroesophageal reflux disease), depression, cfids, muscular dystrophy, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, or tachycardia, bradycardia or other arrhythmia

and have initiated or been denied on a social security disibility (aka ssd and ssdi), or ssi, claim for benefits, this site may assist you with your case.
The information presented on this site is not intended as legal advice, does not form the basis for legal representation, and should not be construed as such. However, the site does recommend the use of social security lawyers and disability attorneys for disabled individuals who have denied claims. In particular, a disabled claimant who receives a denial notice and must seek an appeal that involves a hearing should locate a qualified social security attorney or disability lawyer for knowledgeable eligibility assistance.

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