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Know Before You Go Campaign

'Know Before You Go' logo Launched in 2001, ‘Know Before You Go’ is an ongoing travel safety campaign run by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). It encourages British nationals to be better prepared for their overseas trips with a view to avoiding common travelling traumas, risks and dangers.

The key campaign message is simple and applies to everyone - Know Before You Go – get travel insurance, research your destination including local laws and customs, visit your GP at least six weeks before travelling overseas and make copies of important travel documents. Through a series of mini-drives (link to Campaign History) we bring these, and other key messages, to specific categories of travellers which complements the FCO’s Travel Advice service.

Top Tips

To find out how to become a partner please go to The Partner Framework for partner commitments, then visit Apply to be a Partner for details of joining or click on Existing Partners to see those already showing their support for the campaign.

Winter Sports Travellers

FCO issues travel advice to risk-taking skiers and snowboarders
- Foreign & Commonwealth Office alerts winter holidaymakers to dangers on the slopes -

As British skiers and snowboarders celebrate the best start to the ski season for several years, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is issuing essential travel advice to all Brits planning a winter sports break.

Winter sports holidays are becoming increasingly popular - a fifth of Britons go annually - but this means that more people are taking part in high risk activities without the right preparation. An estimated one in ten British skiers suffers an injury on the slopes and the risk of serious injury while skiing and snowboarding has increased over the past decade, particularly amongst younger winter sports enthusiasts . Couple this with the fact that a massive 31% of Brits neglect to take out insurance that covers the sports they intend to take part in, and you have a recipe for disaster.

As part of its ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign, the FCO is urging winter sports travellers to be more prepared: Jess Prasad at the FCO said, “Winter sports holidays are enjoyed by thousands of Britons each year, but the risks involved mean it is vitally important that holidaymakers are fully prepared before travelling.

“On a holiday where the chances of getting injured are higher than average, the most important thing is to obtain fully comprehensive travel insurance, as accidents can lead to costly treatment – if you break a leg in the Alps, a trip in an air ambulance and treatment could set you back £10,000. Holidaymakers should also be aware that alcohol can affect you more quickly at high altitudes and if you injure yourself whilst under the influence of alcohol, it is very likely your insurance policy will be invalid.

“As skiing can be found all over the world it’s also important to research the country you’re visiting. For example, many Brits are taking advantage of the great deals that can be found on winter sports holidays to Andorra, but few realise that the tiny principality is not a full member of the EU, which means that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not valid. Whilst comprehensive insurance is essential in every country, without it here you will be entitled to no medical cover at all in the event of an accident”.

FCO advice to those travelling abroad for winter holidays

TV Fillers

As part of Know Before You Go we try to reach people through all types of media.

We have three TV Government adverts which can also be viewed on terrestrial, satellite and cable TV.

VID Broadband video: Danny TV ad (VID, 10 Mb)
VID Broadband video: Options TV ad (VID, 4.72 Mb)
Broadband video: It All Adds Up TV ad  (VID, 4.0 Mb) Narrowband video: It All Adds Up TV ad  (VID, 653K) Broadband video: Wasted TV ad  (VID, 3.8 Mb)
VID Narrowband video: Wasted TV ad (VID, 477K)


The Know Before You Go Campaign is a joint venture between the FCO and the travel industry to ensure that British travellers are better prepared when they go overseas. The FCO does not endorse any of the companies who are part of the KBYG campaign. We are not involved in the production or sale of the companies’ products, nor do we monitor their quality.