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Countries & Regions

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Country Profiles: Country Profiles, prepared by FCO desk officers, aim to provide a general overview of the country concerned. They include information on the country's recent history, recent political developments, relations with the international community and bilateral political and commercial relations with the UK, as well as links to other relevant pages on the FCO website.

Afghanistan: Since September 2001 the political situation in Afghanistan has changed dramatically. 2004 saw the Constitutional Loya Jirga agree a new Constitution and the first ever Presidential elections in Afghanistan. The Parliamentary and Provincial elections of 18 September 2005, the first for 36 years, were a further milestone, bringing to a close the Bonn Process and creating a democratic and representative government. The UK is taking a leading role in the country's reconstruction, including in the areas of Security Sector Reform; tackling the Drugs trade; increasing trade; building a legal system; developing an independent media, culture and supporting recognition of Human rights.

Policy on Africa: The UK is working to promote positive change in Africa, with the goals of peace, stability and improved quality of life for Africa's people. We aim to do this alongside other members of the international community and - above all - in partnership with Africa itself. Further information is also provided in this section on the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NePAD).

The Caribbean: The UK and the Caribbean's relationship is based on strong historical ties. Find out about the bilateral relationship on issues such as the environment, human rights, drugs and development on these pages.

Iraq: These pages contain the latest news and statements on Iraq and a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions on current policy. They also set out the history of weapons inspections and assemble the key documents containing evidence of Iraq's weapons programmes and human rights abuses.

Latin America: The UK has enjoyed strong links with Latin America for many years. The modern relationship is led by a renewed emphasis on modern political, cultural and economic links and trade and investments with Latin American countries. This relationship is set out in the publication Latin America to 2020 – a UK Public Strategy Paper.

The Middle East Peace Process: This area details the role of the UK in the search for a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East. The Government remains closely engaged in efforts to urge an end to violence and a building of confidence between the parties. These pages provide answers to frequently asked questions on the MEPP, historical background to the crisis, and EU statements on the Middle East.

Overseas Territories: UK Policy on Environment and conservation; Good Government Fund; Human Rights; Overseas Territories and the EU; the Overseas Territories Bill.

Policy on the Western Balkans: This section provides information on international processes and institutions designed to aid reconstruction and development in South-East Europe, such as the Stability Pact, (the institution for co-ordinating political and economic reforms and reconstruction in the region). Further details on the UK Global Conflict Prevention Pool are also available.