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Defra news releases 2008

December 2008

29 December 2008
Government And Research Councils Establish Centre To Tackle Environmental Risk 400/08

23 December 2008
New TSE regulations and changes to BSE testing
Appointments to the Natural England Board

19 December 2008
UK secures balanced fisheries deal
Presence of unapproved GM in conventional oilseed rape trial 396/08

18 December 2008
New funding to help hill farmers protect historic uplands 395/08
Leading supermarkets pledge to cut carrier bags in landmark move 394/08
Industry takes action to conserve sheep genetics 393/08

17 December 2008
New alert centre to improve response to flooding 392/08

16 December 2008
Defra urges farmers to vaccinate livestock 391/08

15 December 2008
Private sewers and drains transferred to water company ownership 390/08

12 December 2008
Elephant keeping in the United Kingdom 389/08

11 December 2008
Introduction of new charging system for CITES licences 388/08
Veterinary Committees appoint new members 387/08
The environment in your pocket 2008 386/08

10 December 2008
Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations: Guidance available for farmers about the appeals process 385/08
Hilary Benn calls for global agreement to secure the future of our food as he appoints council to advise on UK food strategy 384/08

9 December 2008
Defra publishes Contingency Plan for Exotic Animal Diseases 383/08
£5m to help fishermen net a secure future 382/08

5 December 2008
Marine and Coastal Access Bill published 381/08
Defra workplace management contract awarded to Interserve 380/08

2 December 2008
Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis, and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 379/08

1 December 2008
Defra publishes report on disability equality 378/08

November 2008

27 November 2008
£138 million to help reduce landfill waste 377/08
Wildlife indicators show improvements 376/08

26 November 2008
Wild deer and Bovine TB 375/08
New figures show increased use of British produce in public sector food 374/08

25 November 2008
Bluetongue serotype one detected in Lancashire 373/08

21 November 2008
Water Saving Group celebrates its achievements at its last meeting 372/08

20 November 2008
UK officially free from Avian Influenza (AI) 371/08
CAP health check deal a step forward but also a missed opportunity 370/08

19 November 2008
Minister challenges IT industry to help fight climate change 369/08
Defra press office: staff and responsibilities 368/08

18 November 2008
Cave Review of water markets publishes interim report 367/08
Consultation on implementation of the EU School Milk Scheme in England 366/08
Benn’s £2m boost for nature conservation 365/08

14 November 2008
Defra launches two consultations on air pollution regulation 364/08
Review of agri-environment options points and payment rates 363/08
Call for evidence – Independent Walker review of charging for household water and sewerage services 362/08

13 November 2008
Information Bulletin: Water Quality Standards Met By 96 Per Cent Of England’s Swimming Spots 361/08
Information Bulletin: Defra consults on cuts to hazardous waste red tape 360/08
Farm Animal Welfare Council’s opinion on the welfare of farmed gamebirds 359/08

12 November 2008
£92 Million For Gloucestershire Waste Project 358/08

10 November 2008
China and UK strengthen partnership on sustainable agriculture 357/08
1 December Deadline: Has Your Businesses Pre-Registered Its Chemicals Yet? 356/08
Consultation launched on changes to horse identification legislation 355/08

6 November 2008
English local authorities make good progress on recycling targets 354/08
Chair Of Food Policy Council Announced 353/08
Statistical Release: Municipal Waste Management Statistics 2007/08 352/08

4 November 2008
Information Bulletin: 2006 VHS Outbreak – Lifting of restrictions 351/08
Defra launches consultation on animal welfare codes of practice 350/08

3 November 2008
Defra launches £6 million Greener Living Fund 349/08
New Bovine TB eradication group for England 348/08

October 2008

31 October 2008
Consultation on the proposed changes to BSE testing 347/08
Renewed action on farmland birds needed – Huw Irranca-Davies 346/08
Wild bird populations 2007 - Sustainable Development Strategy and Public Service Agreement Indicators 345/08
Compensation for bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis, and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 344/08

30 October 2008
Food statistics round-up published 343/08

29 October 2008
Water friendly farming initiative targets new catchments 342/08
What's the carbon footprint of your product? 341/08

28 October 2008
Defra and livestock industry announce UK export certification partnership (UKECP) 340/08
Defra releases guidance on waste facility design 339/08

23 October 2008
Information bulletin: Enforcement date of amendment to Plant Health (England) Order 2005 - emergency measures announced to prevent spread of Citrus Longhorn Beetle 338/08
Record British wheat harvest 337/08

22 October 2008
Safe passage for migrating birds of prey 336/08

21 October 2008
Emergency Measures Announced To Prevent Spread Of Citrus Longhorn Beetle 335/08
European Bat Lyssavirus Type 2 (Bat Rabies) confirmed in Daubenton’s Bat 334/08
Six “Zero Waste Places” Named Across England 333/08

17 October 2008
Hilary Benn Reappoints Rural Climate Change Forum 332/08

16 October 2008
Flytipping down 7.5 per cent across England 331/08

15 October 2008
Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations: Help available for farmers to prepare for the new nitrates regulations 330/08

14 October 2008
Veterinary Laboratories Agency publishes annual review 2007/08 329/08

9 October 2008
Defra publishes Zoonoses UK report 2007 328/08

7 October 2008
Ministerial portfolios at Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 327/08

6 October 2008
Government announces new council of food policy advisors 326/08

4 October 2008
Animal Health investigates quarantine kennel 325/08

3 October 2008
Defra extends suspension of waterlogged soil regulations for farmers to harvest cereals, oilseeds and protein crops 324/08
UK to issue European carbon allowances 323/08

2 October 2008
£181.6m for project to save 391,000 tonnes of landfill waste 322/08
Fight must continue on fuel poverty say ministers 321/08
Koi Herpesvirus disease outbreak confirmed 320/08

1 October 2008
Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis, and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 319/08
Changes to GB wild bird survey for avian influenza 318/08
£300,000 announced for early development of surface water management plans 317/08

September 2008

30 September 2008
New CAP payments website goes live 315/08
Defra announces changes to Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs) testing 316/08

29 September 2008
New trustees for Royal Botanic Gardens Kew 314/08
Environment minister tackles fuel poverty concerns in Stoke 313/08

25 September 2008
Koi Herpesvirus disease outbreak confirmed 312/08

23 September 2008
Consultation on the National Control Programme for broiler flocks 311/08

22 September 2008
The Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (fees) (England) Regulations 2008 come into force 310/08

18 September 2008
Local Authorities Take Up The Fight Against Climate Change 309/08
Statistical release: 2006 Carbon Dioxide emissions at Local Authority and Government Office Region level 308/08

17 September 2008
Forestry as a renewable energy source: Scoping project launched 307/08
Major TV Energy Efficiency Campaign Launched To Help People Cut Their Bills 306/08

16 September 2008
Helping councils clean up: Local Environment Quality Survey is complete 305/08
Government Welcomes Simplified Guidelines For Agricultural Employers 304/08

15 September 2008
Waste pilots – consultation on draft recycling service guidance 303/08

12 September 2008
Farm Health Planning Models now available to analyse benefits of disease control 302/08

11 September 2008
Koi Herpesvirus Disease outbreaks confirmed 301/08
Save Money, Save Energy: Government takes action on family fuel bills 300/08

10 September 2008
Bluetongue detected in County Durham 299/08
Defra grants a suspension from waterlogged soil regulations to help farmers complete their harvest 298/08

8 September 2008
Consultation on the future of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate 297/08
Bird gatherings General Licence amended 296/08

5 September 2008
Changes to the Bird Registration Scheme 295/08

4 September 2008
Managing Airport Noise: Shaw Calls For Views 290/08
Koi herpesvirus disease outbreak confirmed 291/08
Anaerobic digestion can help farmers clean up the water environment 292/08
Revised nitrate regulations and maps published 293/08

2 September 2008
Appointments To The Board Of The Consumer Council For Water 289/08

1 September 2008
Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis, and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 288/08
New members wanted for National Park Authorities and Broads Authority 283/03

August 2008

29 August 2008
Consultation meeting: Management of risks from Phytophthora ramorum and Phytophthora kernoviae 287/08
New Sites Submitted As Candidate Special Areas Of Conservation 286/08
Defra confirms Bluetongue detected in Devon and extension of Protection Zone into Northumberland and Cumbria to allow vaccination in all of England 285/08

28 August 2008
KOI Herpesvirus Disease Outbreak Confirmed 284/08280

27 August 2008
New appointment to the Joint Nature Conservation Committee 282/08
Bluetongue detected in East Sussex and Hertfordshire 281/08

26 August 2008
New Chief Executive appointed at the Veterinary Laboratories Agency 280/08

22 August 2008
New market for British Pig meat moves closer 279/08
Zoos forum annual report 2007/08 278/08

20 August 2008
Sales Of Veterinary Antimicrobials In The UK In 2007 277/08
Extension of Bluetongue Protection Zone to allow further vaccination 276/08

18 August 2008
Kermitted To Frog Protection 273/08

15 August 2008
Applications to participate in emissions trading auction open 274/08
Joint Waste Authorities – Summary of consultation responses published 272/08

14 August 2008
Presence Of The Citrus Longhorn Beetle In UK 271/08

12 August 2008
Antimicrobial resistance in animals in England and Wales: Publication of a revised strategy for a programme of surveillance and progress in meeting the strategy since 2004 270/08
UK livestock and livestock products approved for export to China 269/08
Koi Herpesvirus Disease outbreak confirmed 268/08

11 August 2008
Higher standards for private water supplies 267/08

8 August 2008
Information Bulletin: Extension of Bluetongue Protection Zone to allow further vaccination 266/08
Appointment of a Chair and four new members to the Advisory Committee on Hazardous Substances 265/08
Decisions on Single Payment Scheme aspects of EU fruit vegetable and wine reforms 264/08

7 August 2008
Households and local authorities make progress on waste 263/08
Public awareness campaign helps alleviate food import dangers to UK farming 262/08
Information Bulletin: The Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (England) Regulations 2008 come into force 261/08
Statistical Release: Municipal waste management statistics provisional quarter 3 2007/08 260/08

5 August 2008
Information Bulletin: Extension of Bluetongue Protection Zone to allow further vaccination 259/08

4 August 2008
Information Bulletin: Appointment of Independent Chair for the Review of Water Charging 258/08

1 August 2008
Information Bulletin: Chair appointed to Regional Flood Defence Committee 257/08
New chair of Fuel Poverty Advisory Group appointed 256/08
Information Bulletin: Compensation for bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis, and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 255/08

July 2008

31 July 2008
Simple and fairer waste exemptions from environmental permitting 254/08
Statistical release: Sustainable development indicators in your pocket 2008 253/08

30 July 2008
Government support for flood risk households 252/08

29 July 2008
The community emissions trading scheme (allocation of allowances) scheme 2008 251/08

28 July 2008
Elections considered for national park and broads authorities 250/08
Better soil management could cut costs for construction industry 249/08

25 July 2008
Extension of Bluetongue Protection Zone to allow further vaccination 248/08
Information Bulletin: Consultation launched on legislation to allow local authorities to work together on animal health 247/08
Information Bulletin: Hilary Benn accepts Curry Group recommendations on set aside 246/08

24 July 2008
Annual review of controls on imports of animal products: April 2007 – March 2008 245/08
New members appointed to veterinary residues committee 244/08
Julia King appointed to the Committee on Climate Change 243/08
Ruddock launches one-stop shop for adapting to climate impacts 242/08

23 July 2008
Information Bulletin: Changes to export requirements for packaging and packaging waste 241/08
Plans presented to ban seal fur trade in Europe 240/08
Information Bulletin: 30,000 Land Girls receive Badge Of Honour for war efforts 236/08

22 July 2008
New Chair Appointed for Potato Council 239/08

21 July 2008
Defra announces plans to replace current Hill Farm Allowance scheme 237/08
Benn launches audit of natural resources 236/08
Nitrates - Government rejects cover crops option and will seek derogation on load limit 235/08

18 July 2008
Information Bulletin: British Waterways Vice-Chair Appointed 234/08

17 July 2008
Information Bulletin: UK Climate Change programme Annual Report published 233/08
Extension of Bluetongue Protection Zone to Allow Further Vaccination: Merial Bluetongue Vaccine Licensed 232/08
Benn Launches Debate on UK Food Security in a Changing World 231/08
Extending use of the GB Poultry Register 230/08
UK - Environmental Observation Framework 229/08

16 July 2008
Defra Ministers Give Boost to Biogas 228/08
Pioneering Carbon Trading Scheme to promote school energy efficiency 227/08
Information Bulletin: Changes to the EU School Milk Scheme in England 226/08

15 July 2008
Koi Herpesvirus Disease outbreaks confirmed 225/08
Consultation on the future management of Phytophthora Ramorum and Phytophthora Kernoviae 224/08

14 July 2008
Vaccination vital to protect rare livestock in Bluetongue protection zone 223/08

11 July 2008
Avian influenza - Final epidemiology report published 222/08
Launch of public consultation on F Gas Regulations 2008 221/08
Agreement on flood insurance is good news for customers 220/08

10 July 2008
Green goods to come to the front of Britain’s shelves 219/08

9 July 2008
Extension of Bluetongue Protection Zone to allow further vaccination 218/08
Appointment of Rural Payments Agency Chief Executive 217/08

8 July 2008
Appointments to the Covent Garden Market Authority 216/08
Information Bulletin: New guidance to help recycling of small-scale construction waste 215/08

7 July 2008
Avian Influenza - Remaining restrictions lifted
Plan for vaccines to fight Bovine TB 213/08
Government sets out 21st century challenges for food in the UK 212/08

4 July 2008
Benn announces demonstration scheme for landowners to reduce flooding 211/08

3 July 2008
Information Bulletin: Animal Health – Appointment of new Chief Executive 210/08

2 July 2008
Extension of Bluetongue Protection Zone to allow further vaccination 209/08
Koi Herpesvirus Disease outbreak confirmed 208/08
UK secures individual recording concessions for sheep and goat industry 207/08
Identifying climate change impacts of global imports 206/08

1 July 2008
Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis, and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 205/08
Report on the welfare implications of castration and tail docking for lambs 204/08
Information Bulletin: Launch of public consultation on the Beef and Veal Labelling Regulations 2008 203/08
Information Bulletin: Women’s Land Army: How women who served their country will receive their badge of honour 202/08
PCR test for Bluetongue now available from the Veterinary Laboratories Agency 201/08

June 2008

30 June 2008
Renewed commitment to wildlife will help poorer communities worldwide 200/08
Sussex schoolchildren spell out waste ambitions to Government Minister 199/08

28 June 2008
Information Bulletin: Avian Influenza update - Protection Zone to lift 198/08

27 June 2008
Environment Agency Board appointments 197/08

25 June 2008
Bluetongue update: Extension of the Protection Zone to allow further vaccination 196/08
Benn allocates initial funding in response to Pitt Report 195/08

20 June 2008
Benn backs take up of flood protection measures for homes and businesses 194/08

19 June 2008
Waste pilots – draft guidance published 193/08
Ministers act to protect Lyme Bay sea life 191/08

18 June 2008
UK research partnership responds to the urgent need for environmental action 192/08

17 June 2008
Avian influenza epidemiology report published 190/08
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) grants UK 'controlled' BSE risk status 189/08
Draft Floods and Water Bill to deliver improved management of surface water flooding - Woolas 188/08

16 June 2008
Green Tariffs: Check what yours delivers 187/08

13 June 2008
Tougher penalties to crack down on waste crime 186/08

12 June 2008
Government invites communities for ‘no commitment’ discussions on hosting geological disposal facility for radioactive waste 185/08

11 June 2008
Order placed for additional Bluetongue vaccine 184/08

10 June 2008
Information Bulletin: Consultation on CAP "Health Check" proposals 183/08

9 June 2008
Community Energy Efficiency projects double their fuel poverty targets 182/08

6 June 2008
Cash boost for biomass fuel for heat and electricity generation 181/08
Ministers accept recommendations on the future of the advisory committee on organic standards following and independent review 180/08
Government invites partnership approach to waste 179/08

5 June 2008
Information Bulletin: AI outbreak in Oxfordshire: Update
One million people turn to Act on CO2 Calculator for advice on fighting climate change 177/08
Information Bulletin: National Forest Company chair reappointed 176/08

4 June 2008
Information Bulletin: AI outbreak in Oxfordshire: Protection and Surveillance Zones declared 175/08
Information Bulletin: Update on Avian Influenza in Oxfordshire: H7 strain confirmed as Highly Pathogenic 174/08
Information Bulletin: Response to the review of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 173/08
Information Bulletin:Mutilations (Permitted Procedures) (England) (amendment) Regulations 2008 come into force 172/08

3 June 2008
Avian Influenza H7 confirmed in Oxfordshire 171/08
Update on roll-out of Bluetongue vaccination 170/08
Water friendly farming initiative enters new phase 169/08
Getting tough on irresponsible dog owners 168/08

2 June 2008
Information Bulletin: Defra publishes Chief Veterinary Officer’s annual report 2007 167/08
Information Bulletin:Defra consults on changes to the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 165/08
Consultation on REACH Enforcement underway 164/08
Call to action for chemical users 163/08
New push for recycling in public places 162/08

May 2008

30 May 2008
UK Wildlife Minister welcomes international biodiversity commitments 166/08
Information Bulletin: Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 161/08
Help with fuel bills for the poorest consumers 160/08

29 May 2008
UK Commitment on valuing biodiversity 159/08
Feed contamination investigation completed 158/08

28 May 2008
Feedback sought on revised groundwater rules 157/08
Non-native species threat to be tackled 156/08

26 May 2008
Flower show giveaway proves a hit 155/08

23 May 2008
Information Bulletin: Bluetongue update: extension of the protection zone to allow further vaccination, and future plans 154/08

22 May 2008
Statistical Release: Regional wild bird indicators for the English regions: 1994-2006 152/08
Bats to help measure the UK’s biodiversity 153/08
Statistical Release: stocks of cereals held on farms in England and Wales – March 2008 151/08

21 May 2008
Chief Veterinary Officer appointed 150/08

20 May 2008
Common Agricultural Policy "health check" reforms 149/08
Defra: living within our environmental means is more important than ever 147/08
British Waterways Chairman reappointed 148/08
Information Bulletin: Regional Fisheries, Ecology and Recreation Advisory Committee Chairs appointed 146/08
Woolas praises Emissions Trading System’s remarkable progress 145/08

19 May 2008
Funding boost for regional climate adaptation: Ruddock 144/08
New vision of climate change through Google Earth 143/08

16 May 2008
Information Bulletin: Bluetongue update: extension of protection zone to allow further vaccination 142/08
Detailed noise maps available at the click of a mouse 141/08

12 May 2008
Information Bulletin: Appointments to the Zoos Forum 140/08

9 May 2008
First “summer smog” of 2008 warning 138/08
Defra approves GM potato trial 139/08
Information Bulletin: European Bat Lyssavirus type 2 (‘bat rabies’) confirmed in Daubenton’s bat 137/08

8 May 2008
Bluetongue update: extension of protection zone to allow further vaccination; epidemiology report published 136/08
Chris Smith appointed as new Chair of the Environment Agency 134/08
Personal carbon trading evaluation published 135/08
‘Good progress’ on environmental stewardship 133/08
Statistical Release Municipal Waste Management Statistics Provisional Quarter 2 2007/08 132/08

7 May 2008
Government tender for Bluetongue vaccine 131/08
Applications to discharge effluent into the Atlantic turned down 128/08
Northumbrian sewage treatment call-in requests turned down 129/08
Information Bulletin: rabies case in quarantine in South East England 130/08

2 May 2008
Horse passports – withdrawal of recognition from the Spotted Horse and Pony Society 127/08
Views sought on £34 million European Fisheries Fund 125/08
Information Bulletin: inspections on bee colony losses to be given higher priority 126/08
The Milk Roadmap 122/08

1 May 2008
Environmental talent key to economic growth: Ministers 124/08
Appointments to the reconstituted Committee on Radioactive Waste Management 123/08

April 2008

30 April 2008
Information Bulletin: Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 121/08
Information Bulletin: Prohibited import of Goji plants 120/08
First batch of Bluetongue vaccine delivered 119/08

29 April 2008
Statistical Release Air quality indicator for sustainable development 2007 final results 118/08

25 April 2008
Information Bulletin: Rabies case confirmed in puppy in quarantine 117/08
Information Bulletin: Feed contamination investigation 116/08
Information Bulletin: Review of the British Wool Marketing Board 115/08
Information Bulletin: EU ETS Phase I – New Entrant Reserve 114/08

24 April 2008
Statistical Release Mushroom area England 2007 113/08

14 April 2008
Information Bulletin: Publication of Gyrodactylus salaris contingency plan for England 112/08

11 April 2008
Earnings and hours of Agricultural and Horticultural Workers - England and Wales – January 2008 111/08

9 April 2008
Waste wood – the untapped resource for Biomass Fuel 110/08
Woolas invites applications to £4m bio-energy grant fund 109/08

8 April 2008
Reappointment of Baroness (Brenda) Dean as Chairman of the Covent Garden Market Authority 108/08
Consultation on a strategy to protect the health of honey bees 107/08

7 April 2008
£310 million to help local authorities deliver carbon benefits through the diversion of over a million tonnes of England's waste from landfill 105/08
Information Bulletin: Lord Rooker announces publication of the UK’s views on the Common Agricultural Policy “Health Check” reforms 106/08

3 April 2008
Information Bulletin:Consultation on the proposed Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Regulations 2008 104/08
Information Bulletin: Extension of Bluetongue protection zones 103/08
Bluetongue vaccination roll out plan published 102/08
Better protected seas promised in Marine Bill 101/08
New Environmental Permits will cut red tape, save money, and put a spotlight on high risk businesses 100/08

2 April 2008
Information Bulletin: Specified Animal Pathogens Order 2008 99/08
Benn takes the fight against climate change Into homes and communities 98/08

1 April 2008
Information Bulletin:EIG report published today 97/08
Minister welcomes the launch of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board 96/08

March 2008

31 March 2008
Information Bulletin:Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis, and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 95/08
Consultation on protecting our soils 94/08

28 March 2008
Information Bulletin: Extension of Bluetongue Protection Zones 93/08

27 March 2008
Information Bulletin: Commissioner appointments at commission for rural communities 92/08
Information Bulletin: Avian Influenza Update: wild bird monitoring area lifted 91/08
Weekly food waste collections can benefit the environment and save money 90/08
UK on track to meet Kyoto targets as emissions continue to fall 89/08
Statistical Release: UK climate change sustainable development indicator 88/08

25 March 2008
Appointments to English National Park Authorities and the Broads Authority 87/08
Defra launches new organic advisory service for farmers 86/08

20 March 2008
£2.5 million in UK funding for renewable energy partnership 85/08

19 March 2008
Extension of Bluetongue restricted zones 84/08
Statutory agricultural and horticultural levy rates for 2008/9 announced 83/08

18 March 2008
New centre of expertise for cutting carbon emissions across Whitehall 82/08

17 March 2008
Local authorities working together on waste: consultation published 81/08

14 March 2008
Animal Health – appointment of interim Chief Executive 80/08
Pest controller fined £1000 for offences resulting in the death of honey bees 79/08

13 March 2008
Carbon trading announcement and £30 million for public sector energy improvements: Benn 78/08
Statistical Release - UK Emissions of air pollutants - 2006 Results 76/08

11 March 2008
Pesticide Residue Committee – third quarter report 2007 74/08
£4 million to help local authorities fight climate change 77/08
Hilary Benn responds to review into handling of foot and mouth disease 75/08

10 March 2008
New Chair of Science Advisory Council announced 73/08

6 March 2008
Microchipping of foals – agreement reached on new rules covering the identification of equiade 72/08

5 March 2008
Avian influenza update: wild bird control area lifted 71/08

4 March 2008
No room for let up in the battle against litter says Minister 70/08
Defra launches National Standing Committee for farm animal genetic resources 69/08

February 2008

29 February 2008
Information Bullletin: Avian influenza update: control area in Dorset 68/08
Information Bulletin: extension of Bluetongue protection zone 67/08
Information Bulletin: H5N1 in Canada Goose – 11th case in wild bird 66/08
Information Bulletin:Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 65/08
Information Bulletin: Consultation on Single Payment Scheme 64/08

28 February 2008
Review of competition and innovation in water 63/08
UK Delays Issuing EU Carbon Allowances 62/08
Pathfinders lead way to better rural services 61/08

26 February 2008
Animal Health launches news alert service 60/08
National Livestock Markets Roadshow 2008 59/08
Extra protection for the water vole 58/08

25 February 2008
Information Bulletin: SAPO licence restored to Merial Animal Health 57/08
Improving the water environment – second consultation on river basin planning 56/08
Climate change champions fulfil fact finding expedition in the Netherlands 55/08

22 February 2008
Information Bulletin: Bluetongue Update: Surveillance zone extended to Cornwall/Defra announces date for end of vector-free period 54/08
Information Bulletin: World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) grants UK FMD free status 53/08
Founding members of committee on climate change appointed 52/08

21 February 2008
£400 million for low-carbon Britain – Defra announces 2008/09 Budget settlement 51/08

20 February 2008
Prime Minister announces Youth Climate Change Champions 50/08

19 February 2008
Avian Influenza update: control and monitoring area merge 49/09
Government supports local communities to manage wild boar 48/08
Benn announces Government offsetting code 47/08

18 February 2008
Benn announces statutory review of 2050 climate targets 46/08

15 February 2008
Information Bulletin: Confirmation of oyster parasite in north Kent 45/08
Chief Scientific Advisor at Defra receives international science award 44/08

13 February 2008
Information Bulletin: Extension of bluetongue restricted zones 43/08

11 February 2008
New packaging waste recycling targets will deliver greater carbon benefits 41/08

8 February 2008
Information Bulletin: extension of Bluetongue restricted zones 42/08
Statistical Release: municipal waste management statistics: Provisional Quarter 1 2007/08 37/08

7 February 2008
Revised rates of Hill Farm Allowance for 2008 40/08
Securing water for the future 38/08
Information Bulletin: sickness absence statistics, Defra 39/08

5 February 2008
2006 UK results for EU Emissions Trading Scheme published 36/08

4 February 2008
Defra seeks views on new charging scheme for CITES licences 35/08
Benn pledges £34 million to implement Pitt Review recommendations 34/08

1 February 2008
Extension of Bluetongue Restriction Zones 33/08
Legislation introduced for Salmonella National Control Programme 32/08
Avian influenza update: two further swans positive for H5N1 31/08
Information Bulletin: Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 30/08

January 2008

31 January 2008
Defra announce UK farm incomes rise by 8.7 per cent 29/08
UK emissions figures down, but “much more must be done”: Benn 28/08
Statistical Release: Regional sustainable development indicators for the English regions 27/08
Statistical Release: UK climate change sustainable development indicator: 2006 greenhouse gas emissions, final figures 25/08

30 January 2008
Information Bulletin: Avian Influenza Update: Seventh Swan Positive for H5N1 26/08
Dorset Avian influenza epidemiology report published 24/08
Defra announce first results from monitoring the impact of 0 per cent set aside rate 23/08

28 January 2008
Adair Turner appointed to head climate committee 22/08
Single Payment Scheme ’10-month rule’ replaced 21/08
How Women's Land Army veterans can get the recognition they deserve - Benn 19/08

26 January 2008
Information Bulletin: Avian influenza update: further swan positive for H5N1 20/08

24 January 2008
Statistical Release Air quality indicator for sustainable development 2007 provisional results 16/08

23 January 2008
Bird registration is retained 18/08
UK welcomes EU climate change proposals 17/08

22 January 2008
Information Bulletin: UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum (UKCSF) announces its new terms of reference

21 January 2008
Information Bulletin: Pig meat exports protocol proposal 13/08

20 January 2008
Information Bulletin: Avian influenza update: further swan positive for H5N1 15/08

18 January 2008
Information Bulletin: Eves Review consultation summary 12/08

16 January 2008
UK manufacturers join consumer electronics efficiency initiative 11/08
Information Bulletin: Avian influenza update: further swan positive for H5N1 08/08

15 January 2008
Information Bulletin: Bovine TB Science Advisory Body established 10/08

14 January 2008
Information Bulletin: Phytophthora kernoviae found on Vaccinium 09/08
Encouraging greener living – Defra publishes public attitudes research 07/08

11 January 2008
Waste exports: better protection for developing countries 06/08

10 January 2008
Avian Influenza H5N1 confirmed in wild birds in Dorset 05/08
Geological disposal of radioactive waste - consultation responses published 04/08

9 January 2008
Advice to pregnant women during the lambing season 03/08

7 January 2008
Hilary Benn highlights importance of caring for pets 02/08

4 January 2008
Strong support received for the GB strategy to tackle invasive non-native species 01/08