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There’s plenty of time for socialising when you’re not on duty.

Justin Woolley
Weapon Systems Operator (Crewman)

‘If you’ve got a hobby or an interest, you’ll usually find there’s an RAF club for it.’

You might want to spend your time with your work mates. You might feel like catching up with your old mates back home. You might be going out clubbing or for a meal with friends you’ve made locally. Or you may fancy dropping in on your family and letting them know what you’ve been up to.

Once you finish recruit training, it’s your time and it’s up to you what you do with it!

Making new friends

You might find it a bit daunting to have to get out there and make new friends. But when you’re in the RAF, it’s not hard at all. You’ll see just how easy it is from the moment you set foot on base.

There will always be a familiar face. Someone you might have met on training, or a colleague who’s moved to another team. It’s a whole new experience when you join the RAF. Your RAF friends share that with you. That’s the basis of some close friendships.

What about my old friends?

After you’ve finished your basic training, there’s nothing to stop you spending time catching up with your old mates – and you’ll have plenty to tell them.

But won’t I be a bit stranded on base?

No, you won’t! After basic training, outside working hours you can come and go as you please. Most bases are just a short trip from a major town. And some of the bases are like small towns; there’s lots to do and a great social life on offer.

Dan Pover
Personnel Administrator

‘I bowl against other nationalities as well as mixing with them socially, which is great.’

If you wanted to spend free time on base, there’s such a lot to do you could keep yourself busy every night. You’re working with people who are young, fit and want to get the most out of life. You could be going to your friend’s barbecue, playing pool in the bar, playing football with your mates, or any number of other sports and activities.

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