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This section describes how DFID research activities are making a difference. For more information click here.
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Makerere University (Flickr: Aluka Digital Library) : Click to enlarge
The INASP Journals Online (JOLs) project, part of the second phase of the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERii), supports peer-reviewed journals from developing and emerging countries to publish online, giving researchers access to local knowledge and the opportunity to contribute their own articles.
 03 March 2010

Dackana Home Based Care Centre in Kabwe, Zambia (c) F. Cataldo : Click to enlarge
Lay health workers play a vital role in supporting the formal health system in Zambia. DFID-funded research shows the role of home-based care givers in helping people living with HIV/AIDS
 19 February 2010

Merancia Michel and her four sons. Merancia is a survivor of human trafficking in Haiti (Photo: Wildor Saintus, Panos) : Click to enlarge
Panos Relay helps young journalists tell the story of child trafficking in Haiti. As children that have been separated from parents and carers as a result of the recent earthquake are more at risk from been trafficked, it is more important than ever that their stories are heard
 12 February 2010

Group discussions during LPA drive progress : Click to enlarge
A water and sanitation program in Ethiopia is bringing people together to drive policy change. By linking stakeholders from different sectors, research findings are applied to improve the planning and integration of water and sanitation services.
 09 February 2010

Queuing at an AIDS clinic, South Africa (Image: Panos) : Click to enlarge
A trial of acyclovir treatment of genital herpes in South Africa has shown that it is crucial that participants have confidence in the team running the trial
 29 January 2010

Heroin user receiving healthcare in Pakistan (Flickr: Radio Nederland Wereldomroep) : Click to enlarge
A major survey of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Pakistan has revealed that a HIV epidemic is at an early stage, and that there is a real opportunity to slow the spread through advice and targeted support, particularly for sex workers and injecting drug users
 28 January 2010

Disabled and non-disabled children at school (Image: Flickr - Mester Jagels) : Click to enlarge
Research conducted by the Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP) has identified the issues facing disabled youth in India
 16 December 2009

Thomas Osore Omulako, a rainmaker of Nganyi community (Image: DFID/IDRC/Thomas Omondi) : Click to enlarge
A project in Kenya, supported by the IDRC/DFID-funded Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (CCAA), is combining indigenous knowledge with modern science to provide the local community with information on climate change.
 09 December 2009

A Panos Relay workshop in North-East India : Click to enlarge
A workshop from the Panos Relay programme brought together academics, civil society organisations, media, government officials and people from affected areas to help restore peace to communities in Assam after violence erupted between the indigenous and immigrant communities
 09 November 2009

Young women planning a drama based on life themes they chose. : Click to enlarge
A project in Uganda is helping young women, often disempowered in an environment of gender inequality, to talk about their lives with a view to developing a more gendered HIV prevention approach.
 28 October 2009

Workshop on indigenous health system reform in Brazil : Click to enlarge
Researchers from the DFID-funded Development Research Centre on Citizenship, Participation and Accountability have helped to reform Brazil's indigenous health system
 12 October 2009

African cattle : Click to enlarge
The Global Alliance for Livestock Vaccines and medicines (GALVmed), a public private partnership supported by DFID and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has facilitated the production of a million doses of an experimental vaccine against a tick-borne disease of cattle in Africa
 08 October 2009

Ishan logo : Click to enlarge
'Ishan', a quarterly publication in North East India communicates research findings in the local language of Assamese to produce a more nuanced and inclusive dialogue on social science research on conflict and identify
 22 September 2009

A Sikakha Netsha class session in South Africa : Click to enlarge
Research from the DFID-funded ABBA project (Addressing the Balance of Burden in AIDS) shows how programmes that give young people the skills to improve their education and manage family finances can address some of the costs associated with the AIDS pandemic in South Africa
 08 September 2009

Apprenticeship training benefits the poorest in Ghana (Image: ADD) : Click to enlarge
Private-funded apprenticeships in Ghana are best at helping lift the poorest out of poverty according to the DFID-funded Research Consortium on Education Outcomes and Poverty
 08 September 2009

Inpatient care ward at Informal provider’s hospital : Click to enlarge
Health problems and poverty are linked in India. There is therefore a need for health policy to improve equity of health care. Research in West Bengal is generating evidence which can be used to influence policy for targeting the poor.
 19 August 2009

Schoolchildren in Ghana : Click to enlarge
Late enrolment to primary schools in Ghana reduces the chances of completing education. CREATE is tracking enrolment and progress to determine the relationship between age in grade and educational performance.
 07 August 2009

March for Resources for Health (Image: TAC) : Click to enlarge
A local AIDS advocacy group has teamed up with international aid agency Médecins Sans Frontiéres to both mobilize people living with HIV and AIDS and to provide the medicine and care that patients need. DFID research is helping to document and understand this blending of activism and aid in South Africa.
 28 July 2009

New Agriculturist magazine being read in Tanzania : Click to enlarge
With over 200,000 readers around the world, New Agriculturist covers a wide range of stories and issues in agriculture and rural development
 17 July 2009

Women using oxen to cultivate fields : Click to enlarge
Maize is an important staple crop in Rwanda with the potential for export if production can be significantly increased. The DFID-funded Research into Use Programme is working with a network of local partners to achieve that aim through a Maize Innovation Platform in Rwanda's Eastern Province.
 08 July 2009

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