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Swine flu

Information on the swine flu vaccine 

The swine flu vaccination programme began on 21 October 2009 and the highest-risk groups were offered the vaccine.

Vaccination for those in the initial clinical at-risk groups will continue over the summer.

Vaccination for healthy children under five years stopped at the end of March 2010.

Who will get the vaccine?

The groups of people most vulnerable to serious illness from swine flu are being offered the vaccine. These are:

  • People aged between six months and 65 years in the seasonal flu vaccine at-risk groups (listed below)
  • All pregnant women
  • People who live with someone whose immune system is compromised (for example, people with cancer or HIV/AIDS)
  • People aged 65 and over in the seasonal flu vaccine at-risk groups.

The seasonal flu vaccine at-risk groups are people with:

  • Chronic lung disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis and cystic fibrosis. Also included are people with severe asthma who need to continuously or repeatedly use their inhaler or take steroid medication, or who have been admitted to hospital because of their asthma.
  • Chronic heart disease, including heart failure, congenital heart disease, and heart disease caused by high blood pressure.
  • Chronic kidney disease, such as kidney failure and people who have had a kidney transplant.
  • Chronic liver disease, such as cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis.
  • Chronic neurological disease, such as stroke, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease or multiple sclerosis.
  • Diabetes.
  • Immunosuppression (a suppressed immune system), due to disease or treatment. This includes people who have a damaged or no spleen, people having chemotherapy or other immunosuppressant treatment, and those on high doses of steroid medication.

Healthy people aged over 65 are not a swine flu priority group as they appear to have some natural immunity to the swine flu virus. Surveillance has shown fewer swine flu cases in people over 65 than in younger people.

Pregnant women, however, are a priority group as they are more vulnerable to complications following swine flu infection (see Advice for pregnant women).

The vaccination programme

The swine flu vaccination programme began on 21 October 2009. 

Vaccination is not compulsory. As with any vaccination, everyone has a right to refuse it.

The swine flu vaccine can be given at the same time as other vaccines, including the seasonal flu jab. If you are normally advised to have the seasonal flu vaccine each winter, you need to continue to receive this every year to ensure that you are protected against most of the flu strains in circulation.


The following vaccination schedule is recommended in the UK:


  • Healthy children aged over six months and below 10 years:
    - a single dose of 0.25ml.
  • Immunocompromised children aged over six months and below 10 years:
    - two doses of 0.25ml given at least three weeks apart.
  • Healthy children aged 10 years and over or healthy adults:
    - a single dose of 0.5ml.
  • Immunocompromised children aged 10 years and over or immunocompromised adults:
    - two doses of 0.5ml given at least three
      weeks apart.


  • All children aged over six months and below 10 years:
    - two doses of 0.5ml given at least three weeks apart. 
  • All children aged 10 years and over or adults:
    - two doses of 0.5ml given at least three weeks apart.

This dosage schedule is based on advice given by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, following consideration of clinical data available on the vaccines. The dosage and recommendations will be kept under review as more clinical data become available.

Effectiveness of the vaccine

Seasonal flu vaccines give around 70-80% protection against infection with flu virus strains. Because the swine flu vaccines are an exact match to the swine flu strain that is currently circulating, they should give at least this amount of protection.

The government will be able to to measure the effectiveness of the swine flu vaccines once they are in use against swine flu.

The swine flu prototype vaccines have been clinically tested and shown to produce good immune system responses, and have an acceptable safety profile. The insertion of the H1N1 strain into the vaccine should not substantially affect the safety of the vaccine in the same way that annual modifications to the seasonal flu vaccine do not (see About the seasonal flu vaccine).

The swine flu vaccine should provide protection against the pandemic strain of swine flu for several years following vaccination. As well as offering protection against the serious effects of swine flu, it may also help to reduce the spread of the infection.

Safety issues

The government takes decisions about introducing a new vaccine very seriously. Vaccines would not be licensed if they were considered unsafe.

Similar flu vaccines containing a different flu virus strain (H5N1) have been clinically tested and the trials showed that these vaccines are safe and produce enough antibodies to provide protection.

Experience with seasonal flu vaccines has shown that changing the strain of virus in a vaccine does not substantially affect the safety profile of the vaccines.

But, as with any new vaccine, some very rare side effects cannot be identified or excluded until the swine flu vaccines are used in much larger numbers of people in the general population.

Outcomes of trials to date suggest that pandemic vaccines are as safe as seasonal flu vaccines.

Pregnant women

There is no evidence that inactivated vaccines, such as the swine flu vaccine, will cause any harm to pregnant women or their unborn baby. Every year, the seasonal flu vaccine is given to pregnant women who are at risk of seasonal flu.

The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency has given a clear recommendation that the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine Pandemrix can be given safely to all pregnant women.

The Department of Health have recently published an information briefing on vaccination and pregnancy.

For more information and advice see 'Vaccination and pregnancy'.

More on the vaccine:

Why are pregnant women in one of the priority at-risk groups for vaccination?

Is the vaccine safe for people with an egg allergy?

What are the ingredients in the vaccine?

Will the vaccine still provide people with protection if the virus mutates?

Is there a link between Guillain-Barre syndrome and swine flu vaccines?

Last reviewed: 31/03/2010

Next review due:


kmcresswell said on 11 March 2010

My little boy is nearly 2 and he had the vaccine 4 days ago now and he has not had any side effects what so ever. I was a bit put off reading peoples comments as there are a lot of comments where children have reacted badly, so I wanted to put a good comment down. My friend has twins (age 4) and they have both had it and they to had no reaction. I hope this helps to put your minds at ease.

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charliemum23 said on 04 March 2010

Our three year old boy had the swine flu shot on thursday 25th of Febuary. It is now one week since his shot . Frankly this has been terrible, the worst injection he has ever had as far a reaction goes. At first we were concerned it was an additional bug he had picked up from nursery but no other kids have been unwell or away from school. He has been to the doctor twice and we have gotten the normal "keep up the fluids, try to feed him what you can routine". His symptoms have been typical of the actual virus ie: high temperature, diorrrea, vomiting, red sore eyes, coughing, listless behaviour and obviously he has been upset. His flu / viral like routine still continues, he has vomited twice to three times a day since having the injection. This is in a very regular cyclic pattern normally around 1pm and at around 9:30pm in the evening. He wont eat (day seven now) and most of what he eats (which is whatever we can get into him) comes up in the next vomiting session. He has periods of "recovery" between these "downs" where he is pale as a sheet and tries to play and interact but he is exhausted. In retrospect we wouldn't have taken the jab and taken our chance with the actual flu because as far as we are concerned the symptoms for our son have been virtually the same - only we introduced it to him ! We are hoping in the next few days things start to look up otherwise he is going to continue to loose weight. As you can imagine the last thing we want to have to do is take him to hospital and put him on a drip....I have read a few other stories of the seven day + routine post jab so I am sure we are not alone in thinking this way...

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suzybaby said on 17 February 2010

As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome with a little boy with Asperges Syndrome I was told by my surgery that my whole close family would be entitled to the swine flu vaccine. As every little bug knocks me sideways for weeks on end and I haven't had a Christmas for 5 years without being laid up with flu, I thought I may consider having it.
I checked with my surgery that they were aware of my family circumstances and was hrriedly told yes, I would be called when it was my turn. This was in November and we still have not had our vaccine and yes, I spent another Christmas in bed with flu as they didn't give me my flu vaccine either. My little boy has never spent Christmas with a well Mummy.
Now I find my Hubby, who is my carer, and fit as a fiddle, is going to be entitled to the vaccine while we are left at risk. Surely this is wrong or am I missing something?

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Vidhya Ashok said on 05 February 2010

After a lot of dilemma, I took my 18 month old son to have the vaccine on 27-Jan. He just cried a bit during the jab and was normal the whole day. But he started having a high temp that night which continued all of the next day along with crankiness and constant crying. The nurse had mentioned that fever and soreness can make them uneasy for 2-3 days. I kept giving him Calpol every 6 hrs. And by the 2nd day his fever reduced and he was back to his normal self. But my neighbour's kid who had it on the same day had none of these side effects and was just his usual self all the time. So I guess the reaction differs between each kid.

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Sarah A Louise said on 03 February 2010

My 2 year old daughter and 7 month old son got their vaccine last Friday. Neither of them cried. My 2 year old said her leg was sore and later that night again said her leg was sore. But that was it... I feel relief that my youngest children are protected. Now I'm just waiting for it to be offered to my nine year old.

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pauline ayrshire said on 01 February 2010

FAO Lorraine Glasgow

My two year old daughter got her jag 2 weeks ago tomorrow by the Thursday night her temp was at 40 she was lying shaking on the floor being sick, when we phoned ADOC they said it was a coincidence to take her to her GP next day. GP says it was a bad reaction to the jag she should get better within a couple of days.
She then developed a runny nose, cough, conjunctivities, found it hard to sleep because she could not breathe lying down, loss of appetite, swollen glands and her temp did not go down below 38, on Wednesday she was up sick all night same on Thursday so we took her to a different doctor who said she had the swine flu from getting the jag and this only happened to a small percent of children as there was swine flu in the jag, I was not aware of that, he said she would get worse before she got better which is true. 13 days on she is getting better, temperature is back down and she is getting her appetite back thank god, now she is sleeping lots but I can cope with that.
Having looked up the symptoms of swine flu she had every one of them and she did get worse every day before she got better, unfortunately all I could give her was calpol every 4 hours.

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User427011 said on 01 February 2010

My 2yr old daughter had her Pandemrix vaccine 2days ago. she had no side affects, what so ever. Don't know if giving her Nurofen 1/2 hr before helped her. As i've done so with all of her injections. I thought that i should wright a comment as i think it's nice to read about someone who's been fine. I looked on line to read about the affects when i received my letter asking me to make an appt. And doing so frightened me so much, that i wouldn't make the appt. i had a change of heart when i found out that my freinds little boy had it and was fine. I hope that my comment helps.

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Lorraine glasgow said on 31 January 2010

My 11yr old asthmatic nephew had swine flu jab on wed, felt fine beforehand but later that night he developed severe case of diarrhoea and vomiting along with runny nose, headache, muscle pain, chest and tummy pain, high temp and at one point was hallucinating, it is now sunday and most of his symptoms still bothering him although not as bad, his mum has had him at outpatients dept twice on the say so of nhs24 and has also had her GP visit him at home, his own GP diagnosed norovirus but docs at hospital sent him home each time and told his mum to send him to bed to rest and give him plenty fluids and dioralyte to rehydrate him but no diagnosis other than its a bug, each doc he seen though asked if he had runny nose and jut nodded when told yes, does he really have norovirus or is this a severe reaction to this jab? no one is really telling us anything and we are all worried about him, we have been on the net looking for side effects of this jab but cant find any info on it at all, just symptoms of swine flu, has anyone else had any similar experience?

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Ade D said on 28 January 2010

My 18 month old had his jab 5 days ago. He's been slightly more irritable than usual, his sleeping patterns have been disrupted a bit, and he was off his food for a few days. No major problems, however - perhaps a little worse than other jabs he's had, but nothing of major concern to date.

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shez88 said on 28 January 2010

my 3 year old daughter is booked in to have the swine fu jab her dad didnt want her to have it at first but then we got the letter and he has changed his mind but iam still not sure bout it and i cant find much info on the internet bou can any 1 help

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shez88 said on 28 January 2010

my 3 year old daughter is booked in to have the swine fu jab her dad didnt want her to have it at first but then we got the letter and he has changed his mind but iam still not sure bout it and i cant find much info on the internet bou can any 1 help

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donna786 said on 26 January 2010

i took my 2yr old for a flu jab on the 25th and was then called to come in today 26 jan for him my 4yr old and my 1yr old to have s/flu vac. my 4yr old is fine sore arm, but my 1yr and 2 yr old have asthma and both were fine before the injection.2hours later they are both screaming and mad coughing fits.went on the net no information anywhere about vac nor side effects.rang nhs direct they were helpful.shame my doctors werent. they bullied us into having the vac done.i told them i was unsure and the reply i got was its just like a flu jab.if it was like a flu jab why did they ask if the kids were alergic to eggs. i recommend if you have 2 or more kids under 5yrs and you want to vacs them take them 1 at a time as it causes them a lot of 2 youngest cant lift their arms up and they are swollen they are running a temp of 38-39 but being controlled with calpol.also keep checking website for updates on the vacs if you decide to go.(soz about the spelling)

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User424496 said on 24 January 2010

I wasn't sure to let my 2 year old have this vaccine but after research and talking to my doctor i did. He had it yesterday and has been fine only complained of a sore arm during the night i gave him some calpol and he's not complained since.

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sb12 said on 23 January 2010

my 5 yr old asthmatic daughter had the swine flu jab on wednesday, i was really worried and unsure, but as she has had a chest infection for 4mths decided to go for it, just to reassure mum's like me who were unsure, she has been fine, complained of a sore arm the next morning, a dose of calpol sorted that, she has a cold but am sure she was coming down with that before, she is fine

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amhc said on 21 January 2010

I am 25wks pregnant & had the swine flu jab last Thursday. I had a temperature and flu-like symptoms that night & a v. sore arm, but woke up the next morning feeling fine. My arm did remain sore for about 4 days, but it was nothing to worry about.
I'm glad that I had the vaccine as my sister is a Dr working with pregnant woman & has had to admit quite a few to intensive care due to swine flu. For me, a few days of possibly feeling unwell with a sore arm is definitely better than the possible alternative.

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warrior200 said on 15 January 2010

My 2 year old boy was vaccinated on Sat 9, a week ago. He did not even know he had had the injection! He has had NO side-effects at all. Not even a temparature. I was worried about him having the vaccination. I looked at all the information I could find before taking him. I cant say there is a right decission whether to have your child vaccinated. I had him done but I was not happy about having it done - far from it. I am glad now, however, that I took him. We are supposed to protect our children and I feel I have.

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mummy0826 said on 13 January 2010

my daughter is booked in to have the swine flu jab this thursday but i am concerened as she isnt even 2 yet i want to make sure it is safe for her to have or whether it would be safer for her to not have it i want to know the side effects can anyone help me.

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lucylou22 said on 12 January 2010

Janie27 i don't think you should be too worried about the comments on this site, of course there are going to be people who suffer from extreme side effects but i think they are few and far between i think if everyone who had the vaccine put a comment in on how it affected them i think the over whelming majority would say it didn't affect them at all. I know around 20 people (mostly 4 year olds and younger) who've had the vaccine including my own 4 year old daughter and not one of them has had anything more than a very mild arm ache and a bit of a cough(nothing worse than the side effects of any other childhood vaccine), not one has had to miss school through having had severe reaction, if giving the vaccine to your daughters is what you want to do then don't let the minority scare you out of it.

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weddingmagician said on 12 January 2010

I am a Wedding Magician and I had the swine flu jab and my arm hurt so much I couldn't lift it! I couldn't work for the weekend It lasted about 3 days and is ok now - Roger

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Big bazza167 said on 10 January 2010

My Partner and I are both diabetic and accepted the offer from our local surgery to have the swine flu vacination.
The nurse informed us during vacination that we may feel "a little unwell" for a couple of days with a slight ache of the arm and possible headache.
This is now day 7 and "a little unwell" has to be the biggest understatement of the decade.
We have both had high tempretures, headaches, hypertension, lethargy, high blood pressure and nose bleeds, Im visiting the Dr's tomorrow to check it out - not sure if it was the swine flu vaccine or the Black Plaque ive been vacinated with! definately a wrong move. I also hasten to add my 80yr old mother-in law had it at the same time and is as fit as a fiddle! - Is there no justice!!

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Janie27 said on 09 January 2010

I have 4y/o twin girls booked in at my local GP's for this jab on the 16th of this month! Anyone have any guidance for me....? Im having doubts after reading the comments, am I doing the right thing..?

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suzysausage said on 09 January 2010

I had pandremix at work at the end of November and im still not right, ive had various medications but i dont think the doctor quite knows whats causing me to feel this way.Im fed up of feeling ill, wish i had never had the vaccination.

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monty_uk said on 08 January 2010

I'm a healthy 36y/o male, I had Pandemix (swine flu) and Influvac (seasonal flu) on 4th Jan given by my employer, one in each arm and didn't feel either jab at the time. A few hours later I started to get the odd twinge from the swine flu jab but nothing from seasonal flu jab. By the evening the swine flu jab site had swollen and had become very painful at the slightest touch and my arm stiff. I felt a bit off, tired and had headache so I decided to go to bed. I began to feel cold and shivery, then hot, then cold and shivery, then constantly hot as if I was burning up and was aware of my heart rapidly beating so I couldn't sleep or get comfortable. The next day still felt hot, but reasonable again the following day. The swelling in the arm eventually went down and the gradually the pain went after about 3 days. Other work colleagues commented about similar experiences.

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kez30 said on 05 January 2010

my little boy whos 7 had the swine flu vaccine and th normal flu vaccine together yesterday and is now really poorly is this common and has anyone else been really poorly after having them??

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shambeko said on 30 December 2009

Well, here goes....

I had Pandemrix a week ago, the injected area was very sore and swollen on the first three days following the jab (Wed, Xmas Eve, Xmas Day) but no symptoms.
However, on Boxing Day I awoke feeling a little under the weather and got worse as the day progressed. I was shivering and in bed by 4pm and feeling much better by 9pm. On the Sunday my eyes and nose streamed all day and night, Monday morning it was beginning to dry up. Tuesday has seen the arrival of an irritating cough and phlegm on my chest.
I am I impressed with my post vaccination experience? NO NOT REALLY.....

As a Type 2 diabetic I am told that this vaccination is extremely important, personally I feel I should have just taken my chances with the SWU.


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hyg said on 27 December 2009

as a dental professional i could nt decide whether to have the vaccine or not then two of my colleagues went down with swine flu so I went ahead with the vaccine a week before xmas.
I had a heavy sore arm and felt very tired for about 2 days afterwards.
The lymph glands in my neck also came up-and still havent gone down after10 days-I will monitor this although colleagues of mine have reassured me they should resolve by the 2 week point.
Im not sure if i did the right thing-but its done now !

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juls1 said on 26 December 2009

I had the vaccine on Wednesday 23rd December. That evening I had a sore arm (this lasted for 2 days) which was hot and had a lump. Apart from the sore arm I have had no other side effects. I am glad that I had the vaccine.

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Horace88 said on 24 December 2009

I had the swine flu vaccine on Wed 23 December. So far all I have is some slight stiffness in the shoulder 2 inches above the injection site. There is no redness, no itchiness so I am a bit worried because I know my immune system is suppressed - I think it may mean I'm not making any antibodies to sf.

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madascanbe said on 18 December 2009

I have COPD so as I am flying abroad, decided the vaccine would be a good idea. I have never had a flu jab before. The nurse was great, it didn't hurt and although my arm started to ache on the night of the jab I wasn't too bothered. Just over a day and a half later I feel pretty awful. My arm hurts a lot and there is a very large lump around a 4 inch circumference that is visibly very red. I cannot raise my arm and my nose has been running today. I have had a rather nasty stomach upset, which frankly smells like rotten eggs. I feel rather strange and my chest feels tight. I am hoping the tide will turn tomorrow and I'll feel better. By coincidence I have a Doctor's appointment in the morning. I am rather relieved that I have, at least I don;t have to wait before someone checks me out.

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Wooksie said on 16 December 2009

I was hesitant about getting the swine flu vaccine as I am a healthy 20 year old girl but was offered it as I am a childrens carer - reluctantly I went through with it on Tuesday and have not felt so ill in a long time. I can barely move my arm, my head is constantly pounding, all my muscles and joints ache and hurt, I am switching between sweating buckets and shivering and feel extremely teary. These are supposedly the very common and common symptoms according to the leaflet they gave me so it is likely a lot of people are suffering the way I am. I would advise any healthy people not to have the jab, I certainly regret it and if you are going to have it make sure you have no important plans for the next few days as I have had to cancel a lot because of this.

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CiaraJansonFan said on 16 December 2009

I had my swine flu jab last Thursday (10th Dec) and I haven't been well since! On Thursday night and Friday morning I just had aching limbs, but later on Friday and most of the weekend I had a stubborn headache that I just couldn't shift. In addition I woke up with a sore throat on Saturday morning and this lasted for a few days too.

I also felt really tired and had to miss a family meal out on Sunday evening as I felt so rough! I then developed a cold and have had to take 2 days off work so it hasn't been a good week.

The nurse at the surgery told me I might get flu-like symptoms the day after but I didn't expect to develop a full-blown cold etc. as I did!

On the other hand my Mum had the jab at the same time and she has been perfectly fine except a bit of an aching arm in the 24 hours after. Maybe I was just unlucky and you perhaps become more susceptible to other infections while you're making antibodies for the swine flu?!!?

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RockyRobyn said on 16 December 2009

I had my swine flu jab on monday 14th december and i didn't feel a thing! I was quite worried after reading the side effects that people had experienced but i have to say that mine were very mild. I got a slight temperature and my arm ached abit but that was it. I am very glad that i had the jab and i hope this comment will give people abit relief about all the side effects people are reporting.

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ekc1977 said on 15 December 2009

I had my swine flu vacination on Thursday 10th December I ddin't feel the jab at all and apart from a bit of a sore arm where and it being a little bit red where the injection went in I have been absolutely fine.
I was quite worried about the side effect's of this but mine have been very mild and only thought it fair to tell anyone reading this that for me it wasn't bad at all

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missmayhem said on 15 December 2009

I am finding my local doctors highly frustrating so was wondering if anyone here knows the answer for me. I unfortunately had swine flue when i was 7 months pregnant with my now 3 month old daughter and i was reading up on the vaccine as my partner was due to have his done (now done and no real symptoms except a hot sore arm) and found out that they are going to bring to the vaccine in for 6 month to 5 year old children so i tried asking my registered surgery if my daughter would be included in the immunization when she was old enough but they haven't given me any real reply except to read about it either here on in the blue leaflet but it tells me nothing about wether she will need it or not. if anyone can help then it would be greatly appreciated.

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Kathy31windermere said on 14 December 2009

I am taking Azathioprine (an immunosuppresant drug) for Crohn's disease so had to have 2 jabs. The first jab was in my right arm and the next day my supraclavicular (collarbone) lymph nodes were enlarged. The doctor gave me antibiotics and said they should go down within a week. They didn't and i was worried that i had lymphoma. After 3 weeks i went for my 2nd jab in my left arm. The next day my supraclavicular lymph nodes on my left side were swollen too. This was a slight relief as i thought it must be a reaction to the jab and not lymphoma. One month on the right lymph nodes are still swollen and one week on from my 2nd jab my left lymph nodes are still swollen. The doctor has referred me to the hospital to be on the safe side.
P.s i too also had a sore arm but no other side effects.

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Rooster37 said on 14 December 2009

I had the swine flu jab on Wednesday 9th December and shortly after experienced an extremely stiff arm where the jab had been . During the night this stiffness got worse and I couldn't hold my arm up the following day. I had a swelling as well where the jab had been which has only today started to go down. I didn't feel unwell apart from this but wanted people who haven't had it yet to know what to expect.

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chicky vicky said on 13 December 2009

I had a swine flu jab and a normal flu jab all in one day. I origianally only went for the swine flu one when my doctor noticed i hadnt yet had a normal flu jab so she did both in one arm!! Its now been 48 hours snce the jabs and my arm is very swollene, red, bruising and very very hot, its like a radiator!! I heard they are comment side effects of the jab, but boy does it hurt and look awful!!

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cleothedane said on 13 December 2009

My husband & I [I sound like the queen] had our swine flu vaccine last week [we are both 73] Apart from a slight soreness when the injected arm was touched, we had no side effects at all.

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kasbar said on 13 December 2009

i got my jab two days ago - friday 11 Dec. As I had a cortisone injection as well at the time for my tennis elbow I first did not realise that the pain came from gteh flu vaccine not the cortisone. I also had a seasonal flu jab on the other side at the same time which did not hurt at all. I had a headache on friday and a very sore arm. Saturday I felt very exhausted and had to go to bed to rest and 'warm up' for a few hours - slight symptoms such as sore throat besides sore arm. This morning my arm and throat are still sore and I noticed red patches near the injection site which feel very hot - got worried and checked the NHS site - I feel reassured that others seem to have had a reaction similar to mine.

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dntiger said on 13 December 2009

myself and my 9 yr old daughter had swine flu jab on friday. i feel really tired after it and the arm pain is very intense fron the back of my neck to my wrist. its much worse in the night, and i can barely lift my arm. if i touch my arm at all its painful, not just at jab site, all over.

thankfully my daughter only experienced mild arm pain, similar to that of any other injection.

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martinduffy said on 12 December 2009

I am a 21 year old male suffering from asthma. I had the pandemrix vaccine. I felt fine on the day of the jab, but the day after I experienced flu like symptoms. I was very cold, had no energy and tired. These symptoms only lasted for 24 hours, and I felt fine the next day.

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User393993 said on 12 December 2009

I'm a 21 yr old male. I had my swine flu jab yesterday afternoon, didn't feel any different from my normal, yearly jab. Yet, as I was going to bed last night, I had the worst dead arm. I woke in the middle of the night with a pounding headache and a very high temperature. Don't feel too good this morning either, can't move my arm and have the worst headache. Anyone else felt like this??

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LHerts said on 11 December 2009

I have asthma, controlled by a long-term steriod inhaler and reliever, yet was not called for a jab. I was offered it by a practice nurse while there for another reason. It didnt hurt more than the seasonal flu jab, but that night my arm was very painful, enough to wake me up. I couldnt move my arm much for a few days as it really hurt - difficult with a lively 2 yr old! and commuting was a nightmare as it kept getting bashed. I am now on day 5, most of the muscle pain has gone, but it still feels bruised at the actual site. Other side effects I experienced were, a stiff neck and pounding headache 2 days later, very tearful on day 3 and generally a 'run-down cant be bothered' feeling for 5 days. I would not rush to have this again, esp as I suspect I've already had swine flu but the GP no longer ran tests for. Now I have to decide whether to vaccinate my healthy 2 year old when/if offered.

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teee said on 10 December 2009

I had the swine flu jab 2 days ago and I have not been able to move my arm since, I have not slept properly for 2 nights as the pain seems even worse at night. I called the doctors surgery to see if this is normal and they couldnt advise me. They told me to call the swine flu hotline? the lady on the phone also told me to look on the internet to check if it is normal?. I thought the doctors surgery would be able to advise me, but I have been left to trawl the internet to see if I am OK. I now regret having this done, I am in pain and cant even drive my car and no one can tell me if this is normal or a bad reaction.

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Pinkfms said on 09 December 2009

I went for my swine flu vaccination, and was fine arm hurt a little. My cousin went for her vaccination and had to sign a form,why was this, is it some sort of disclaimer

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kathk said on 09 December 2009

I received the swine flu jab on Friday morning, I could not move my arm late Friday night, on Saturday I was very tired and kept feeling if my temperature was raised, feeling hot one min and cold next. Its now Wednesday and still have got the temperature thing?? But I feel better after reading all the comments on this page.

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jenspen said on 07 December 2009

I am asthmatic and had the flu jab on Friday - my arm hurt a bit, but no more than the usual seasonal flu jab. I have however had a low grade fever on and off for the past two days and am generally feeling a bit rubbish and very tired, my chest is also feeling tighter than usual. Maybe I was coming down with something anyway, or maybe side effects of the jab... who knows!

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User389826 said on 02 December 2009

I have two children under 5, one with severe asthma, I have asthma. Nobody in ou household was invited fo immunisation, and we were told not to contact the surgery about it but to wait to be invited.

by sheer chance I went to the surgery today to pick something up, and asked about it to be told the programme ends tomorrow. I had to beg to get my eldest son an appointment for a jab as he is often hospitalised with asthma.

How many more vulnerable people are not being invited for the jab?

I don't need it as I had swine flu in the summer and am still experiencing the after effects with damage to my ears.

I am utterly disgusted my son was left out, and Im hoping my youngest who is one continues to be healthy and bonny so he can fight it if he gets it.

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browneyes09 said on 02 December 2009

im 17 and had the vaccine 2days ago .. ever since ive felt awful . My left arm feels as if its gonna fall of , i expected pain but nothing like this .. some bumped into me earlier on to day and i felt as if i was gonna pass out because of the pain . ive got a constand headace which gets worse when i stand up . ive got a temperture and feeeling hot one min and cold next and because of the pain i am feelin sick .. ifg i had known i would feel like this afte i would never have had it :(

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ewrin said on 02 December 2009

My 5 years old asthmatic son had his vaccine 2 weeks ago, he developed very high temperature over 40 C , and was ill for more than 4 days. Doctors even told he might got swine flu before vaccine, but no one of as got ill, and he recovered in one week. Any way I decided to vaccinate and my younger child, as they are now in priority group, so far today already second day, she still OK, only had some temperature at night but wasn't need paracetamol, still bit agitated, hope it will not effect that much as my son.

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chef said on 30 November 2009

my 5 year old asthmatic son has been invited to have the jab, am waiting for an invite for my 1 year old to go too, but i havent enough information to decide if we should go.
on the one hand obviouslt i want to protect my children, but have not enough research as to wether this is safe and are there any underlying side effects apart from the ones mentioned above. any help would be appreciated. thanks for reading.

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helly09 said on 29 November 2009

I have asthma and had Pandemrix on Thursday 26th. On Thursday night I could not sleep due to a severe headache that lasted until Friday evening (so about 18 hours in total) and painkillers provided no relief whatsoever. I've also been short of breath since Thursday, have developed a cough, had a runny nose, and have been very groggy for three days. My arm is also incredibly painful and the area where I had the injection is very swollen - I cannot lift my arm above my head.

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auds said on 29 November 2009

I had my Pandermix vaccine on Wed 25th Nov along with other staff members at the doctors surgery were we work. The injection site was sore and felt bruised for 3 days and I also felt very weepy and down the next day along with one other colleague, as well as headache for the past 3 days. Not sure if I would have this again.

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samcarer said on 28 November 2009

Had the pandermrix vaccine yestarday, did not feel the jab.BUT later that night my asthma got worse than normal.I woke this morning feeling sick,headache and very this a normal side effect? My arm is very sore which i fully expected..

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will1981 said on 27 November 2009

I was unsure whether to have the vaccine as I had heard you could get side effects and don't like needles.

I've had no side effects (my arm ached a tiny. tiny bit for a day) and the needle did not hurt at all!

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emX1973 said on 27 November 2009

Having read some these comments before my 9 year old daughter was due to have this vaccine. I thought it only fair to post mine too, she had it done on the 14th November and had a sore arm for a week but no other side effects apart from that.

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wandaXmaximoff said on 24 November 2009

I'm eight months pregnant and had the Pandemrix vaccine a week ago. I felt a little groggy the following day, but aside from a sore arm, I've had no ill side effects. I was actually more concerned about my baby getting swine flu than I was of the side-effects of the vaccine, so when the midwife told me that having the vaccine will offer my baby some level of protection (especially if I breastfeed) that really made up my mind.

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Graham in Stockport said on 23 November 2009

I was booked in for my swine flu jab today and told I couldn't have it because I was allergic to latex.

I arrived at the surgery 5 mins before the appointment. I was given an A4 typed sheet with pre-vaccination information.

This sheet suggested I notify the nurse if I was allergic to the seasonal flu vaccination, eggs/chicken or have a latex allergy. I've got mild asthama/eczema and use hypoallergenic washing up gloves when its my turn to do the dishes, to prevent a flare up.

No sooner had I read the sheet I was called for my jab. I explained the above and she refused to give me the jab.

I spoke with the GP who was concerned I might react badly to the Pandemrix vaccine including cardiac-arrest - Celvapan wasn't availabe yet.

I read the blue booklet 'Swine Flu Vaccination: what you need to know' beforehand which only refers to the egg allergy - nothing about latex.

In order to have the P. vaccine, I will need to go to hospital to have it administered.

I've gone from being confident about this to marginally worried and not sure if I want the jab.

Why did the blue booklet not address this issue? Has it just been discovered?

I've searched & and not found anything about this issue.

Surely this issue requires certainty before the vaccination is available to everybody.

Monday 23.11.09 - 7.20pm

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reddonna said on 20 November 2009

Yesterday November 19th my 5 year old daughter and I had our swine flu vacination. My daughter has asthma and I have liver diesease. I read the comments on the website before we had our jabs for some reasurrance but everyone seemed to have had some level of symptoms. To date other than a very sore arm I have had no ill effects. My 5 yr old daughter has had no ill effects and has not maoned of a sore arm at all. Should this change and we develop side effects I will let you know but so far so good.

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Oka49 said on 19 November 2009

I had the Pandemrix and the reactions I had were, 1) painfull arms for about 2 days, 2) woke up in the middle of the night with high temparature on the day I had injection, 3) had really bad nightmare, 4) felt generally not well for about 24 hours. Some of my colleagues had the vaccine as well and they also fely not well for a day or so.

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tinalouiseuk said on 18 November 2009

Our family has looked into this at length before making our decisions about this vaccine and found that - paragraph 4 page 2 - of the vaccine manufacturers package insert told us all we needed to know. It is available at the US FDA site here:

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lynetteallen said on 15 November 2009

hi i had the jab yesterday the 14th and all was and especially now i am feeling very aggitated and depressed.i cant sleep at night and my asthma is somewhat playing up.i feel drunk also even though i do not drink very scared and woriied is this normal or is anybody else getting these symptoms?

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bax2bax said on 13 November 2009

Hi I and some of my collegues in the nursing proffession have recently had the vaccine we have had a varying sorts of reactions, (1) we all have had painful arms on the arm it was adminstered to, (2) Several of us have been ill with flu like symptoms from the following day lasting for 2 - 5 days, and (3) some have had the lymph nodes swollen for a couple of days. As I said these have only lasted a few days and hopefully it will work and a pandemic will be prevented.

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katigger said on 10 November 2009

I had the pandemrix vaccine yesterday, and woke up half way through the night with pain in my arm. Not sure if this is normal, but if you have the pandemrix vaccine be prepared for the possibility of a painful arm the next day.

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vinopalumbo said on 07 November 2009

My 4-year-old asthmatic son had the Pandemrix vaccine nearly two weeks ago. I was expecting some kind of reaction, so was not surprised by his temperature and vomiting in the couple of days that followed. However, in the last 4-5 days he has been quite hyperactive and out of control. I can't be completely sure that it's a result of the vaccine, but has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Swine flu vaccines

The swine flu vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline is called Pandemrix. The vaccine manufactured by Baxter is called Celvapan.

Vaccination leaflet

For a downloadable leaflet summarising information on the swine flu vaccination, go to Swine flu: what you need to know