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2009 c&binet forum conference

The c&binet forum ran from 26 to 28 October at The Grove in Hertfordshire where business leaders from across the creative and finance industries came together to debate access to finance for creative industries, new business models for online content, developing talent and securing creative rights.

Archive footage will be available soon.

Conference sessions

Time: Duration: Session(s) Lead Presenter Watch video
09:40 45 min
  “The digital economy has tremendous potential for the creation of new jobs and new growth. We need to ensure that the conditions are in place to enable the knowledge-based and creative industries to thrive as we emerge from the current downturn. We also need to nurture the considerable talent that exists in the UK and ensure the workforce has the skills to compete on a global scale. It’s important that the creative industries work together and across other sectors to address the challenges and opportunities they face. C&binet can help to build these links.” Lord Mandelson, August 2009
10:25 30 min
  Matt Brittin, managing director of Google UK, sets the scene for the next main session discussion.
10:55 45 min
  Digital advertising offers more effective targeting and interactivity, so why is an eyeball worth less online? What technologies, tools and techniques can maximise ad-revenue? A discussion with Matt Brittin (Google UK) will be joined by Lorraine Heggessey, chief executive of Talkback Thames; Laurence Green, chairman, Fallon London; Spencer Hyman, internet entrepreneur and former COO of; James Tye, CEO, Dennis Publishing and Dharmash Mistry, general partner at Balderton Capital.
12:05 10 min
  Liz Nottingham, Chair of the IPA People Management Group, will share exclusively the findings of the first year pilot from the Diagonal Thinking national testing initiative, a programme to identify how creative business talent is distributed across populations.
12:15 45 min
  Led by Martin Bright, political commentator and chair, New Deal of the Mind. How do we give people around the world access to the creative industries and the tools and opportunities to express themselves creatively? Panellists include Jana Bennett, director of BBC Vision, Boko Inyundo, global sector manager, Linklaters and trustee of The Africa Centre, and Ben Wolff, Director, Music Technology Ltd.
13:00 15 min

Agenda comments

Comment on the agenda and topics that will be discussed at the the c&binet 2009 forum. You can also take part in our related blog polls and comment on related blogs, The c&binet team will be checking feedback regularly which may be used to inform the debate during the event.

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Fringe Programme - 27th October

C&binet Shorts: The Future of Creativity

The Technology Strategy Board presents four of the UK's most exciting young creative entrepreneurs.

The Business of Creativity: Developing Leadership

Led by Angela Whelan and Jon Teckman, Ashridge Business School
This session touches on some of the ideas featured on the newly piloted 'Advanced Leadership in the Creative Industries' run by Ashridge Business in partnership with The Cultural Leadership Programme

Listen to the fringe session podcasts

c&binet masterclass: How India beat piracy by thinking big

Led by Harish Dayani, chief executive, Moser Baer Entertainment Ltd

Listen to the fringe session podcasts

Whose customer is it?

Peter Jenner, International Music Managers Forum and Fred Bolza, VP, Strategic Development, Sony Music (UK)
Who owns the customer – the record label or the musician?

Listen to the fringe session podcasts


Led by Rory Sutherland, vice chairman & creative director, Ogilvy and president, IPA
The creative industries have huge cultural influence – we must win the hearts and minds of consumers, rather than legislate against them.


Led by IDEO
In a digital age, with almost infinite content, how can creative businesses build a loyal relationship with the consumer?

Winners and Losers in the Digital Creative Economy - the rise and rise of micropayments

Led by Ed Shedd, partner and global media practice leader, Deloitte

Fringe Programme - 28th October


Led by Jocelyn Stevenson, creative director, TT Animation
Children are the ultimate early adopters.  What can we learn from creative businesses designing for kids in terms of economics and ethics – and how can we serve the next generation better?


Led by Phillip Nattermann, head of media, McKinsey
News and comment is a public good but is it a commodity? What is the right way forward for news organisations?

Brands & Content

Led by Jack Horner, founder and creative director, Frukt Music
We’re all multi-platform content producers now. What are the best models for IP owners to extend their ideas in to new mediums: Joint ventures? In-house development? Licensing?

Frontiers: UK

Led by Simon Evans, director, Creative Clusters
As the digital economy grows, the industry map of the UK is being redrawn. Big cities are competing fiercely to establish their creative credentials. Smaller towns face even bigger challenges. Leading entrepreneurs will discuss the shape of a UK-wide industry strategy for the creative economy.

Listen to the fringe session podcasts

BBC – Future Technology

Led by Richard Halton, Programme Director IPTV, BBC
A hands-on demonstration of future BBC technology platforms, looking at how independent companies will be able to use them to produce and distribute content.

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