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Latest research

One year report

The 'Smokefree England - One Year On report presents a review of the legislation covering compliance, public opinion, businesses' experience of implementing smokefree law in the workplace and academic research into the health benefits of a smokefree England.

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Smokefree Bars 07

The One Year Report contains a summary of the interim findings of the 'Smokefree Bars 07' study. This is a collaborative study by the University of Aberdeen, the Institute of Occupational Medicine, and Liverpool John Moore's University, and forms part of the programme of academic research commissioned by the Department of Health to evaluate the impact of smokefree legislation in England. Full details of other elements of the study, extending through to 1-year post-baseline survey will be presented in the final report in autumn 2008.

View interim report on Smokefree Bars 07 (PDF, 6.9Mb) (new window)

Public opinion research

The Department of Health undertook a series of surveys looking at public awareness of the smokefree law, levels of public support, its impact on public behaviour and knowledge of what the legislation encompasses. The latest wave of research was conducted in May 08, with previous waves in February, April and June 2007.

The latest findings revealed that 76 per cent of people support smokefree law in workplaces and public places and 70 per cent of people consider that creating smokefree environments has had a positive effect on the health of people in England.

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Business research

The Department of Health undertook a series of surveys to measure awareness of smokefree law by businesses, their levels of support and understanding of the details of the legislation as well as the expected impact on their business. To date, there have been seven waves of research conducted, with the latest wave in May 2008 and previous waves in January, February, May, June and August 2007 and in August 2006.

According to the latest findings, 98 per cent of businesses believe they are compliant with the new law, 87 per cent of businesses said they thought implementation had gone well and 81% said the legislations is a "good idea". 40% of businesses have reported a positive impact on the company, compared with only 3% reporting a negative impact.

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Smoking-related attitudes and behaviour ONS survey

Released in June 2008 with fieldwork which took place in October and November 2007, this survey shows support for the smokefree law at 80 per cent overall. The survey also measured attitudes to the smokefree restrictions required by law in specific areas such as pubs, railway stations and work places. At least three-quarters of respondents agreed with the restrictions across all areas included in the survey.

The survey also found that there has also been a drop in the number of people allowing smoking in their home. Approximately two-thirds (67 per cent) said that smoking was not allowed at all in their home compared to 61 per cent in 2006.

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Three month report

This report summarises details of the public opinion research, business research and compliance data relating to the first three months since smokefree law was introduced on July 1st. Data indicates there has been a smooth transition to smokefree public places and workplaces in England, with high levels of support from the general public and businesses.

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Academic research

The programme of work being commissioned by Department of Health includes the following academic reports:

  • Study of changes in bar workers and customers exposure to secondhand smoke including health and attitudinal measures.
  • Longitudinal qualitative research to explore the views, attitudes and experiences of individuals, families, key target groups and communities of smokefree.
  • Secondary data analysis providing quantitative evidence of changes and trends (pre versus post-legislation) in key outcomes, for example prevalence and health indicators (contract pending).
  • Mapping study which will look at and draw together the range of research which is taking place around the UK on the new smokefree law.
  • A study looking at the impact on business is under development - particularly detailing economic impact (contract pending).

These research projects will be published from 2008.

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