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About Defence

Adventurous Training Group (Army) (ATG(A))

Adventurous Training (AT) is a valuable addition to formal military training, helping support the values and standards of the British Army. When properly conducted it enhances an individual's ability to withstand the rigours of operations and rapid deployments.

ATG(A) Logo

Adventurous Training Group (Army)

The Aim of military Adventurous Training

To develop, through authorised challenging pursuits and within an outdoor environment, leadership and the qualities necessary to enhance the performance of military personnel during peace and war.

The Definition of Adventurous Training

"Challenging outdoor training for Service Personnel in specified adventurous activities, involving controlled exposure to risk, to develop leadership, teamwork, physical fitness, moral and physical courage, among other personal attributes and skills vital to operational capability."

Revised JSP 419

JSP 419 has been revised and published as at 1 Apr 11. The JSP and accompanying DIN can be found on the Defence Intranet. Previous copies of JSP 419 are not to be used.

Additional instructions on locating the JSP and accompanying DIN can be found on the Adventurous Training Website located under External Links.

Adventurous Training System (ATSYS)

ATSYS is to be used by Service Personnel wishing to undertake AT under the Joint Services Adventurous Training (JSAT) scheme, where the expedition is sponsored by the Army. ATSYS provides two methods for personnel to apply: Online and Offline

Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Air Force (RAF) sponsored expeditions should contact their respective Service Formation/Station for guidance, but the likelihood is that expeditions sponsored by the RN or RAF will continue to submit their applications using the Adventurous Training Management Information System (ATMIS) Microsoft Word forms, these can be found by using the 'Adventurous Training System (ATSYS) Related Documents' link in the right-hand menu.

Online Application (via Defence Intranet)
Where possible all applications for AT under the JSAT scheme are to be submitted online, this requires the individual submitting the application to have access to a PC connected which is service networked e.g. DII. Service personnel should log on to the Defence Intranet and visit the Adventurous Training team page for the link to ATSYS.

Offline Application (via Defence Internet)
If access to a PC connected to a service network e.g. DII. is not possible applications can be submitted using the 'ATSYS - JSATFA Offline Forms', these can also be found by using the 'Adventurous Training System (ATSYS) Related Documents' link in the right-hand menu. Note: The previous MS Word Forms used to submit applications (Joint Service Adventurous Training Form 'Alpha' (JSATFA) and Appendices), are not compatible with ATSYS.

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