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Dog Handler Royal Army Veterinary Corps

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Dog handlers are skilled soldier who work with Military Working Dogs wherever the Army is deployed. Initially you’ll work with protection dogs, responsible for the security and safety of strategic assets and bases. Later on you could be selected to handle specialist dogs capable of detecting of arms and explosives. Call 01276 412689/2668 for more.

Are you right for this role?

You should be:

  • Sex: Male or Female
  • Regular Army Age: 17.6 - 32.11 years

You should have:

  • No formal qualifications required

You should like:

  • Working with animals
  • Taking risks and feeling the adrenaline
  • Outdoor activities
  • Working outside
  • Taking the lead and managing people

You should be interested or have experience in:

  • Security
  • Driving small vehicles
  • Combat
  • Veterinary

Private Bevan is a Dog Handler with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps

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Private Bevan

Working with Military Working Dogs is a big challenge, but one that comes with amazing rewards. You build a bond of trust with your animals, and it’s very satisfying when a dog you are handling, or one you trained, makes a big contribution to military operations.


Regular Army

An Army Dog Handler checking vehicles An Army Dog Handler checking vehicles


Initial training teaches you how to handle, maintain and care for your Protection Dog on operations, and hones your skills as a handler and a professional soldier. You join a squadron in the 1st Military Working Dog Regiment, where your soldiering skills are developed. You also complete training that prepares you and your dog for operations.

Skills you can learn

You learn veterinary care techniques including the health, welfare and training of Military Working Dogs. You learn how to handle Protection Dogs, and how to detect and apprehend intruders. You could also be selected to attend a Specialist Dog handler course where you learn to handle Arms Explosive Search, Vehicle Search, Infantry Patrol or Tracker dogs.

Qualifications you can achieve

  • Level 2 Diploma in Work-based Animal Care (Service Dog Handler) (QCF)
  • Level 3 Diploma in Work-based Animal Care (Service Dog Handler) (QCF)

Move up the ranks

  • Private

    This is the rank most soldiers start out at. You still get all the benefits of Army life, like good rates of basic pay, free healthcare, and subsidised food and accommodation. But you’re not in charge of anyone, so you can focus on using your skills. Every promotion after this gets you more pay.

  • Lance Corporal

    Now you’ve got some experience, you take on extra responsibility by leading a small team of soldiers. It’s your job to check that their work is up to standard, and that they’ve got all the skills and help they need. And if they’ve got a problem, they talk to you first.

  • Corporal

    When you’ve got three or four years’ experience leading a team, you’re ready for another promotion. You go on a management course, and then take charge of a larger group of soldiers. You still use your trade skills, but teaching them and supervising their work are key parts of the job.

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