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The Gunpowder Plot: Parliament & Treason 1605
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The Gunpowder Plot: Parliament & Treason 1605
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These notes are designed as a guide to The Gunpowder Plot: Parliament and Treason 1605 website and its use in the classroom with pupils at KS3 and above.

The website is packed with archival material - documents, journals, engravings, paintings and more, making it the ideal basis for historical study. Researched and written by historical and educational experts, the material is trustworthy and authoritative.

The KS2 children's version provides an alternative route for pupils at the younger end of KS3, with accompanying KS1 & 2 teachers notes. Both sites are particularly suited to use with whiteboards.

Curricular Links

The website is ideal for use when teaching history, specifically 'Britain 1500-1750'. It is also the ideal stimulus for cross-curricular work in Art, English, Drama, PSHE, RE and ICT.


The Gunpowder Plot is fraught with obvious parallels to religious divides and terrorism in the 21st century. We have avoided making overt connections with current tensions in the text of this website, leaving that to the reader.

The site would make an interesting stimulus for debate and discussion around the subject of terror attacks, the attitudes of Londoners then and now, religious extremism and so on.


The website contains two interactive timelines, one targeted at KS3 and above, another slightly simpler for the KS2 audience. These enable students to place events in their historical context.

We’ve created a timeline poster incorporating the information held in the KS2 interactive version. This can be downloaded and printed out at either A3 or A4 size for use in lessons or classroom display.

In addition to the poster you can download a timeline factsheet, again incorporating information from the KS2 version. This presents the timeline in a Word document, allowing you to adapt it for your use in the classroom.


A different outcome?

What might have happened if the Gunpowder Plot had succeeded? This could be a stimulus for creative writing, storytelling, drama or artwork.


Can pupils research the story of the Plot from the perspective of different characters? They could build up a bank of different viewpoints, including not only the plotters' stories but the intended victims' feelings too.

Records and reportage

How were records kept in 1605? How does that differ from Parliament records and media reports today? Look at issues of political and personal bias and opinion and/or the issues surrounding archiving.


The site contains portraits, plans, maps, cartoons and more, which would all make an interesting basis for art projects.

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